Letters to the Editor – 9/22 to 9/28

Goodnight Irene

Well, that was interesting wasn’t it? It began with weather forecasts reminding me, once again that I still need a generator, or a less expensive back-up. I’d been waiting for a few cheaper, smaller green alternatives to hit the market, like a solar tea kettle, and a small solar heater and maybe a way of keeping my water tank from draining out. However, we don’t have time or money for such things, when we’re focusing on fracking and other ways to increase the income of the Big Oil and Gas Industries (the BOGI’s). But I digress.

As the forecasts continued, my concerns turned to friends in Manhattan, who might have to wade through sewer water in order to get food and drinks. Then, the forecasts turned to us and not them and finally I found myself saying: “Please don’t drop that catalpa tree on my roof, if I promise to take it down before the next catastrophe.”

Following that, we all have our individual stories. For me, I ended up in the hospital after getting so excited when the power went back on that I skipped too quickly, down my stairscase in a hurry to get more water before it went out again. As it turned out, I may have been lucky, since I missed the trying days after Irene left.


Now, I’m turning my attention to preparing our community for the coming events that those “crazy climate change people,” like Al Gore and 97-98 percent of the research scientists from around the world have been warning us about. Personally, I think I’m living in the right community, with enough of the population having some awareness of the coming realities. If we commit to coming together to plan ahead, I think we can come through whatever is ahead in a good way. We still have trees for fresh air, clean water, (unless we let them do their fracking), and I hear tell that we now have more mushrooms than ever. And lest we forget, we still have music. With all that we should be able to adjust to the “interesting times” we have ahead of us and hopefully have some laughs while we’re doing it.

Jill Paperno



My Father Would Be Proud

It’s been a week since I received the Republican nomination for Supervisor and I am still overwhelmed by the amount of support my friends showed by giving their time and energy to come out to vote for me. Thank you all. Now its time to make my mother proud, I need all my Democrat friends to do the same in November. Here are some reasons to give me your vote:

Being a non enrolled, I don’t owe anyone anything.

I am not a narcissist, I can see a good idea no matter where it comes from.

I am good with a dollar, I know how to make do with what we have right now.

I don’t believe in exclusionary politics, town government is not a secret.

I’m new, I have no burnt bridges behind me or political axes to grind.

Last but not least, I have a lot of quality people who have offered to help and I will not waste that resource.

I believe it is the people not the party, please help.

Lorin Rose, candidate for supervisor



Rose’s Stunning Win

Jaw dropping are the words that best describe Lorin Rose’s victory at the Republican caucus. The stunned looks, with their mouths agape, of the Wilber entourage said it all when the vote count for Woodstock Supervisor nominee was announced. It was clearly a surprise to the political deal makers and back room buddies. I guess the voters of Woodstock are not going to be served up warmed over Wilber as their only choice for Town Supervisor this November. Wilber already has the Democratic and Working Families Parties nominations. Most people will agree that it is better to have an election then a coronation.

There will be an actual choice this time around. This will be an opportunity to restore openness and transparency to local government. I must say I am impressed by Mr. Rose’s determination. He went around town and collected several hundred signatures to obtain a ballot line as an independent candidate. Then realizing that might not be enough, he rounded up the support of his friends and neighbors for a shot at the Republican nomination. He comes across to me as honest and sincere without the arrogance that been so pervasive in the past candidates. His business background indicates he can handle the Supervisor’s job. I think with a little fleshing out of his platform I can in clear conscience, as registered Green, vote for Mr. Rose on his independent candidate’s line.

It is going to be an uphill battle for Mr. Rose. Aside from the fact that Wilber has name recognition he also seem to have some hefty financial support  judging by the full page color ad and post card mailing that he has already spent on the Democratic primary.

David Menzies