Letters to the Editor (9/15-9/22)

Rising taxes will

make us all poor

Storm upon storm and frightening water everywhere. This has been a difficult time for many and as neighbors we try to do what we can to keep our ships afloat.

And now we get the tax bill. After a 79 percent increase in appraisal and taxes and lots of words of understanding and sympathy we get the new bill proudly reporting that it includes a 6-percent increase. This is without a lowering of the appraisal value therefore this represents an 89 percent increase over the 2010 value (remember you are taking 6% more of the greatly increased base value). This is all happening during a time when property values are declining and the country is in a frightening recession/depression.

It is with sadness that I report that our town, Saugerties, is making us poor. I am an Obama supporter because I believe he is doing the best he can to help the majority of us from becoming poorer.


His brain/heart is in the right place except for Afghanistan. But, then we have doctors and lawyers and insurance companies and overcompensated executives who are making the rest of us poor, especially retired people. Now add to this the Saugerties tax collectors — whoever they are — and you can see who is destined to be added to the ever enlarging pool of poor Americans. So, please help me understand how this group get away with making the rest of us poor.

Joe DiMattio

West Camp


Gratitude for

emergency responders

When I arrived at the 9/11 ceremony at the Cantine Veteran’s Memorial on Sunday, my thoughts were with the families of those lost on that sad day ten years ago, when our country was viciously attacked.

While we were standing in the rain, waiting for the ceremony to begin, I looked around and realized the majority of those in attendance were our volunteer emergency responders. Fire Companies in attendance were: Malden/West Camp, Centerville, CA Lynch, Washington Hook & Ladder. Diaz Ambulance was also there. The Saugerties Fire Dept. Ladies Auxiliary was there, as well as members of the Elks, and Support Our Servicemen, (hope I didn’t miss anyone!).

Firemen stood together in the rain in full-dress uniform, shoes shined, ties tied, trousers pressed, trucks gleaming red – as the rain drops rolled off.

As we prayed and listened to the speeches together, I couldn’t help but think this ceremony is as much about honoring those we lost, as it is honoring those who continue to serve.

On that horrifying day 10 years ago – firemen and ambulance crews rushed into the Twin Towers as everyone else was running out. Over 300 firemen died as the buildings collapsed. They sacrificed everything in service to others.

Recently Saugerties had its’ own disaster. Hurricane Irene hammered our region relentlessly. When most people were hunkered down at home, the fire companies went out. They were there to help their neighbors, pumping basements, evacuating homes, cutting trees, putting out fires, directing traffic. Several men I spoke with worked 26 hours straight – for no pay. They slept in the firehouse and were happy to have hotdogs, macaroni salad and a good cup of coffee.

When it was all over, the fire companies continued to help: pumping more basements, clearing roads, directing traffic, collecting clothes and supplies for those who lost everything in the floods. They did all this as volunteers and asked nothing in return. They helped, because it was the right thing to do.

On this day of solemn remembrance, we mourn those lost 10 years ago, and we honor and are grateful for the continued sacrifice of our emergency responders and servicemen who put others needs ahead of their own. Peace & Blessings to each of you.

Kelly Myers

Saugerties Village Trustee