Letters (8/25-9/1)

Don’t forget library vote

There is an election coming up September 1 that will be easy to miss. It is just before Labor Day and it is the last week of summer vacation before school resumes. I am running to serve an additional term on the Saugerties Public Library Board of Trustees. I am proud to have been a part of the expansion project. I have served as president for the last three years and before that I was the treasurer. I would like to continue to serve because the library now has so much more potential and I would like to contribute to achieving that potential. More importantly, I want to remind you to vote and support the 2012 budget.

If you like the way the project turned out. If you appreciate that it came in at budget. If you are overdue to pick up a book, DVD, book on tape or just browse recent acquisitions. Sept. 1 is a good day to do that.

Please remember to vote Thursday September 1 at the library from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.


Ted Conathan



Gordon for library trustee

As a candidate for Saugerties Public Library Trustee, I pledge that I will use my extensive experience and free time (as a new retiree) to do the job well.

Our beautiful extended library can serve as a major community resource for people of all ages and interests. To fulfill this potential, it needs good governance and maximum resources. But the need for resources must be balanced with the ability and willingness of ratepayers to support it. This balancing act is the overarching responsibility of the library trustees.

My work experience provides several skills I will need as a library trustee. I served as Executive Director of the Warwick, NY, community center for over eight years. I worked closely with the Board of Directors and oversaw multiple programs, budgets and grants. More recently I administered a research grant from the National Institutes of Health at the Psychiatric Institute of Columbia University. I participated in writing million dollar grant proposals, monitored expenditures, and reported to funding agencies. My experience working with a Board of Directors, varied programs, budgets and grants are some of the skills needed as a library trustee.

No other institution is quite like a library. I have lived in various sections of our country and in Australia, yet wherever I lived, I could always rely on the public library to provide a source of knowledge and pleasure, a cost-free family outing, and a sense of community. Now that I am retired, I would like to contribute to my library. I ask for your vote on Sept. 1.

Kathy Gordon