World Tour: Introduction to the London Series 2023 (Sponsored ad)

The world of baseball is feeling the heat of major league games as the Major Baseball League (MLB) is coming to the London Stadium this summer. Here, you can expect nonstop fun as live entertainment can be seen far and wide, certified ballpark food is available, and a great face-off against two top teams is highly anticipated.

You’ll see the basic information on when the event is, where to stream, and the teams that will take place. If you’re looking for the best sport to watch in the summer, try out the London Series 2023: 

Who Are the Teams?

Nothing screams the best for the London Series 2023 than the two opposing teams: the St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago Cubs. The home team will be the St. Louis Cardinals for the series games in London. 

Also, these two teams already had a prior face-off on May 10, 2023. In front of over 36 thousand people, the Chicago Cubs reigned over the St. Louis Cardinals with a score of ten to four.

Nonetheless, this loss didn’t faze the St. Louis Cardinals as they continued to strive for success. In their recent game against the Milwaukee Brewers, the Cardinals surged through the game and won by a landslide with a score of 18 to one! The Cardinals proved astounding with their offense and solidified their place in the league.

The same goes for the Chicago Cubs. In the game against the Chicago Cubs and Milwaukee Brewers, the Cubs stood on top with four to zero. Moreover, Dansby Swanson rode the wave in his memorable debut, as he had three hits in the game. Likewise, Marcus Stroman had six scoreless innings, breezing past the new pitch-clock violation. 

These two teams will grant you a game and MLB betting odds of a lifetime. Moreover, carefully choose your team according to their recent performance, individual stats and records, and team play and cohesiveness. Nonetheless, you won’t be subject to boredom once the fated day of the London Series comes!

Where and When Will the Game Be?

You’re mistaken if you think the London Series lasts only one day. This baseball event lasts two days: June 24 (Saturday) and June 25 (Sunday. On the first day, be sure to time your alarm at 6:10 PM (BST or British Summer Time) as the first pitch will occur. The first pitch will occur much earlier – at 3:10 PM BST on the second day. 

Although there is no standard time limit, baseball games can last up to three hours as teams take alternative turns with fielding and batting throughout nine innings. Moreover, it can even go on for longer if the game ends with a tie after nine innings. When it does, the game will continue until a team emerges as a winner.   

Is It A Family-Friendly Event?

If you have kids, you can bring them along, as the London Series is open to everyone. Moreover, you can purchase children’s tickets on the game’s day if your child is under 16. More importantly, it’s best to remember to accompany them during ticket buying as the organizing staff will require the accompaniment of an adult aged 18 or above.

Since tickets are sold to anyone, it’s prohibited to let your child sit on your lap for ‘lap tickets.’ Although you purchased a ticket, it’s prohibited to just station your child on your lap for no additional costs. Moreover, anyone who enters the venue should always have a ticket – whether an adult or a child. 

Not only this, but the London Stadium also caters to people with disabilities. In the venue, a wide range of facilities and services are free to use in support of those who are disabled. Such facilities include accessible ticket offices for wheelchair users and induction loops for those who use hearing aids, assistance dogs, and catering units stationed near wheelchair-accessible seats.

Are Tickets Available?

Tickets for the general sale was already ongoing since December of last year. Here, fans can purchase eight tickets for either of the two games. If you want to purchase more, you could always ask a family member or a friend to purchase for you. 

You can buy the tickets through the official channels of the London Stadium or the ticketing agent of the MLB, Ticketmaster UK. Before purchasing, you must create an account and verify the information you’ve passed. After which, you can then choose the tickets you want. 

Once you pay for your ticket, you will receive an email confirming your purchase. An electronic ticket will also be sent to your account through Ticketmaster two weeks before the event. 

Where Can I Stream the Game?

If you can’t watch the game in person, there’s no need to be dismayed, as you can always watch the live stream. Although Apple TV+ provided the live streaming for last year’s games, the MLB hasn’t released an official announcement on the streaming sites this year, so be sure to check in constantly with the page for any updates. 

Final Thoughts

The MLB London Series will make it into baseball history, so mark your calendar, buy the tickets, and tune in for the latest updates. Likewise, don’t forget to enjoy the game and prepare for a lot of betting!