Ad Setup Overview

How do the ads we upload to Adspeed appear on the homepage and single-post pages in mobile and desktop views? We’ve covered this in a cursory way when discussing widgets. These videos offer some more details.

Using iContact 

In this example, we send out the weekly notification to subscribers letting them know the pdf of the paper has been uploaded.


Using Mailchimp 

In this demo, we use Mailchimp to send out a week-in-review email to newsletter subscribers.


Mailchimp RSS

A look at how the automatic daily & weekly emails go out to audiences based on paper.


Restrict Content Pro (RCP) overview

The registration page (where people can sign up), adding members, access control, automatic emails, etc.


Updating the Sites (plugins and themes)

A simple weekly task- just make sure you make a backup in case the update crashes the site!


Simplify Edit Post Screen

A lot of the stuff that appears on the Edit Post Screen isn’t regularly (or ever) used. Here’s how to get rid of it.


Uploading Tips (Editorial)

Watch this if you already know the nuts and bolts of uploading. The focus is on taking content from the paper or provided directly from an editor and adapting it for the web.