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Ten Broeck Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing takes extreme measures to protect residents and staff from COVID-19

The long-trusted facility vows to protect its residents and staff by implementing protocols and proactive preventative measures that not only meet, but surpass CDC regulations.

Lake Katrine, NY, April 27th: Ten Broeck Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing has always been a beacon of compassionate service and exceptional quality of care in the community for many years. Helping our residents achieve their happiest, healthiest selves has been our mission and guiding force since our inception. The outbreak of the global COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone in countless ways, but no industry has been more affected than healthcare. This colossal challenge, rather than discouraging us, has left us more impassioned than ever to keep our beloved residents and dedicated staff as safe and comfortable as possible. Our facility, like thousands of others throughout the U.S., recently discovered a confirmed case of COVID-19 after testing a resident who began showing mild symptoms. Although CDC regulations do NOT require the entire facility to be tested when a case is discovered, we partnered with the Ulster County Department of Health, under the direction of Pat Ryan, our Country Executive, to conduct facility-wide testing to ensure the safety of our residents and staff. Over the course of these tests, positive cases were discovered. Although most continue to not show any symptoms, we continue to monitor them clinically for any changes. We are confident that as a team, we can and will do everything in our power to keep our residents and staff safe, healthy and well-cared for.

Our team wants to reassure the families of those entrusted in our care that we are taking extreme measures to ensure the safety of everyone in our facility.

The following are some precautions we have and will continue to take to combat the pandemic:

  • Starting as early as March 11th, 2020, we stopped visitation into the building.
  • Safety protocols were implemented for both staff and residents, including a sign-in system and temperature taking for all.
  • Sufficient PPE and continued education to keep staff safe.
  • Continued communication with families through phone calls for updates on their wellbeing, as well as connecting them socially through Skype, FaceTime and Facebook, including photos of the daily activities.
  • Routine disinfection of the entire facility, with a specialized licensed company.
  • Increased hourly rate for all staff in appreciation for their continued dedication and hard work.
  • We continue to work closely with local and State health departments to stay up to date on all regulations and procedures.

Ten Broeck’s administrator, Katie Perez, LNHA, has a message of hope to send out to those concerned in the face of these daunting times: “As the administrator for 20+ years, here at TenBroeck, I have seen how we have pulled through many difficult situations throughout the years, and I am confident that our employees’ devotion and our residents’ resilience will get us through these challenging times as well!”

Finally, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Ulster County Health Department for their support, in assisting us in taking these proactive measures. We would like to urge our fellow skilled nursing facilities to heed the advice of our local health department and conduct similar facility-wi de proactive testing measures. Yes, this can be a daunting discovery, but as the Ulster County Health Department has shown us, they will support and help you work through this! We would like to thank all of our family members for their continued support and trust with the wellbeing of their loved ones in our care. We wish all those with family members in any nursing facility strength and hope, and send our deepest admiration and respect to healthcare workers on the frontlines of this pandemic. We would also like to publicly applaud the tireless devotion of our incredible staff – you truly are the dream team!

If you have any questions or concerns about your loved ones wellbeing, or if you’re seeking a safe, trustworthy facility for necessary rehabilitation, please feel free to reach out to our friendly, helpful staff via our website today. Stay safe and stay healthy!

About Ten Broeck Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing : At the forefront of clinical excellence, Ten Broeck is recognized throughout the Hudson Valley for our outstanding delivery of subacute and long term care for more than a quarter of a century. Building on our long standing reputation, we are excited to roll out an array of facility enhancements including extensive renovations and new, state-of-the-art rehab equipment. Contact us at admissions@tenbroeckrehab.com , or give us a call at 845.336.6666.