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Horse Race Betting: What You Need To Know About Carryovers

Is horse racing something you’re interested in? Or perhaps, watching the horse race isn’t entertaining enough for you that you want to venture into the world of betting? Either way, you’ve come to the right place. Betting on horse racing might definitely add another degree of interaction and excitement to your horse racing experience. 

However, before looking up the top derby picks, it is essential that you first understand how horse race betting works, as there are plenty of ways in which you can place your bets. Become acquainted with the numerous sorts of betting as well as their associated terminologies so that you can develop confidence in your ability to win the game.

Popular Horse Betting Types

There’s nothing better than placing bets on the horse you favored to win and receiving huge payouts afterward. Besides, there is a variety of horse race betting in which you can choose to place your wagers and make a considerable amount of money. One of the traditional and most straightforward bets is the win, place, and show. 

When you bet to win, you’re placing a wager on a particular horse that comes off first. If you choose to place a wager, this means that you’re betting on the horse who will either come in first or second. When you choose a show bet, you’re placing a wager on which horse finishes in first, second or third. 

Exotic betting is another type of horse betting, where you can place your bets either on two or more horses in a single race or multiple races. In a single exotic betting, you bet on the horse you predicted to win along with the correct sequence of order. While in multiple exotic betting, you’re wagering on more than one horse in the same race at the same time.

You might be unfamiliar and unaware of carryover bets with all these horse betting types. However, to know how to understand horse racing carryovers, you must first understand the underlying reasons for their occurrence.

Why And When Do Carryovers Occur?

The fact that most racetracks provide various wagering options makes it difficult for bettors to predict who the winners will be for six consecutive races. Due to the difficulty in correctly predicting the winners, it is highly typical that there be no winning bet in a given race.

Thus, carryover bets exist. This type of bet usually occurs when there’s no winner on a particular wager type of horse racing. For example, it can be in a betting type of pick 4, 5, or pick 6. Whenever this happens, all the bets in the pool will then be carried over to the following race.  Until a winner is chosen, the carryover pool will continue to race after race

This is why this type of wager is popular among bettors, as their wagers will accrue if the prize pool, which may reach up to millions, is not quickly collected. Those bettors seeking a large payout are more inclined to put these kinds of wagers as the prize pool continues to increase. 

Popular Carryover Bet Types

As with every other sort of horse racing wager, horse racing carryover has its popular wagering varieties that betting aficionados typically prefer. Listed below are the following carryover bet types.

Pick 4,5, and 6

This is perhaps the most popular sort of wager among the bettors when it comes to carryover bets. It would be best if you accurately predicted the winners in pick 4,5, and 6 wager types. If all bettors incorrectly selected the winners, then the wagers in the pool will automatically be transferred over to the next race. 

Pick 5-6 

This carryover betting type requires gamblers to predict the winners of pick five or six races. If none among the gamblers, including you, correctly picks the winners in these betting types, the money in the carryover pool goes to the racing the next day, where other Pick races are chosen. When this happens at major tracks, the pools might potentially reach a million.


For you to claim the win in the Pentafecta or the Super Hi 5 Jackpot, you must accurately predict the first five finishers and the correct order sequence. Horse races such as standard-bred and harness are the most prominent venues for this type of gamble, which has the potential to pay out the amount into millions to the lucky victors.


This horse racing carryover can have a considerable amount of payout. However, in order to increase your chances of winning, you must be able to predict the winners for each race accurately. Therefore, skills are a must-have for this type of betting, as pure lady luck won’t be consistently on your side. 

However, if you’re a risky type of gambler and are drawn to large sums of money, this form of betting is for you. Do not hesitate to place your wager on this horse race betting, as the rewards are substantial. Then, take advantage of the carryover prize pools and try to hit the jackpot!