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A Gardening Guide: 5 of the Best Plants to Grow

Making upgrades for homes is the most in-demand thing to do for most people. They add a patio or an extended kitchen to maximize the space available. Others paint the walls of the house or change their windows to make everything look new. And one of the best features that you can make for your home is a garden. It makes your surroundings look lovely, and it also creates a nice view of your house.

A garden brings beauty and structure to your area. It also gives so much benefit to the environment since you will contribute to the growth of plants that can, in turn, help in giving you a healthy environment. You know very well that an area brimming with plants and trees helps in specific ways like cleaning the air and preventing soil erosion.

Starting a Garden

Gardens also help in the well-being of a person. It is an excellent way to exercise to keep your body moving while being confined at home. For retirees, gardening offers an excellent way of keeping boredom at bay. If you have a vegetable garden, it helps engage you in eating more fruits and vegetables. This can be attainable if people maintain a vegetable garden.

And if you want to grow flowers, then there are a lot of varieties to choose from. Popular types are slowly making their way around home gardens. Even those that are hard to grow are given a space or two for a chance to shine. But whichever kind of plants you want to grow can help in your mental and physical well-being.

The following are some of the suggested plants that you can consider for your garden:

Hibiscus. Hibiscus can add a tropical feel to your garden, and with a wide array of variety you can choose from. Its flowers are large and colorful, an attractive feature for your garden. It prefers humid conditions and needs a few hours of sun. But freezing conditions are not appropriate for it, so you may want to bring them indoors.

Hibiscus can change colors, too. Its genetics call for the production of different pigments depending on the conditions it is exposed to. Anthocyanins and carotenoids are the active pigments that make hibiscus flowers change colors. You can indirectly control this ability through exposure to its environment.

Crotons. When planning for landscaping and putting accents in your garden, it is easy to think of flowers. But crotons are also suitable for accentuation because of the variety of colors produced by their leaves. Its flowers may look insignificant, but its leaves are a wonder to behold. In most homes, croton is usually grown as houseplant. However, the variegated form is suitable for outdoors to maintain its colors because such variety needs more sunlight.

It is easy to take care of and needs less water. It is important to remember that even if you place a croton plant indoors, it still needs enough sunlight. You can place it outside for several hours to soak in the sun. When indoors, place it near the window. Benefits are shown in having indoor plants, like improving the quality of air inside the home. Crotons are perfect examples of indoor plants.

Ferns. It appears that this type of plant is very well-known as a forest dweller. However, it can also be grown in home gardens. It can survive in any condition and requires less care than other plants. It only needs regular watering in dry periods. Ferns provide an attractive sight under trees because of their graceful look.

Rosemary. Rosemary is an herb used in the kitchen. You can grow one in your garden since it is relatively easy to tend. Its blue and purple flowers are beautiful and can attract several pollinators. Gardeners place rosemary in a pot and keep them indoors. A sprig can be a delightful addition to any cocktail or any of your recipes.

It is known to be drought resistant, so under watering is not a problem. Although it can go without water for some time, please do not neglect to water it when the soil gets too dry. And keep the plant exposed to sunlight for 6 to 8 hours.

Succulents. These plants are now the rage. It has reportedly grown popular since 2007 and continues to be in demand among gardeners. They would look nice to hang against a wall or can be used for an outdoor arrangement. They can grow even if left alone. Neglect and dry soil seem to be its added features. As one article about succulents said, the easiest way to kill one is to water it.


If you want some home upgrades, you can start outside of your home by maintaining a garden. You do not have to spend too much compared to, say, creating an outdoor kitchen. All you need are a few ideas on what plants to add to your garden.

You can even use some plants as part of the structure of your patio. Having a garden can be a lot of fun and gives you ample time to exercise. It would help if you had a few ideas on what plants to grow and enough knowledge of their needs.