“Rocket” Rick Reilingh

“Rocket” Rick Reilingh

Our friend is gone
So sudden
So final
So heartbreaking sad
Still can’t believe it
Who can replace him? The kindness; his helping hand
The sweetest, nicest, funniest guy in all the land.

A portfolio of friendships, created wherever he roamed…:
windsurfers, mushroom-hunters, skiers & ice skaters, tennis players, too.
Shopkeepers, pizza-lovers, the whole farmers’ market crew
His family, fraternity brothers, neighbors…; maybe even you

His needs were few; no fame, nor power
He’d come to your aid at any hour
We could laugh so hard, we were brought to tears
A friend indeed, for all these years
Unexpected, bike in tow, he would just appear
A ray of light, to spread good cheer


So many things, so many will miss:
the comfort of a trusting heart, his open face,
the quirkiness, the frantic pace
Such a unique and wonderful part of our human race

There is an empty space, now he is gone
But, in our hearts, he still lives on…
Boy oh boy, we’re really gonna miss you, “bud”
Journey on, “tiger”….
You were “EX”

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