AKA Bob/Stuart

May 16, 1950 – December 30, 2020

Beginning from his youth growing up in Harlem and the South Bronx, Bob had the desire for knowledge and self discipline. He became a young Marine Cadet at age 13 and at age 17 served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1967-1971. He was a US Marine Combat Veteran/R.V.N. in Vietnam 1969-1970.

In the mid 1970’s Bob settled in Ulster County. Over the last many decades he offered his expertise as a Chimney Sweep, Yoga student/teacher, Acupuncturist, Asian Medical Practitioner, QiGong specialist, Martial Arts blackbelt instructor (Aikido and Guided Chaos Adaptive Defense), Tango dancer, and for the past fifteen years, Direct Service Professional at the Anderson School.

Bob lived a quiet, studious, deliberate life as a lifelong learner and healer and gave to others his honesty, loyalty, guidance, and protection. Health issues and social losses during this pandemic greatly impacted him. He lived and died as a warrior.

Bob is survived and loved by his daughter Willow May Allen-Joffee, sister Lori Lytle and her husband Don, Judy Joffee and her husband Bob Hughes, grandson Sebastian Allen Joffee-Pereira and granddaughter Camila Rose Azcurrain-Joffee. He is greatly missed by Rick and Theresa Regan, Len and Hilary Kobrinsky, Bill Leicht, Carol Hanisch, Vicente Rubio, John Perkins, Raji Nevin, Joe Martarano, Joe Kellar, Dave Randel, and many other friends and colleagues.

Sharing his words:  “I lived the warrior’s life, a good life, with no regrets. I have been a good father, US Marine, homeowner, business owner, lifetime martial artist and lifelong student practitioner of healing arts and life-affirming philosophies. I have been very happy here and have lived a full vibrant life of family and friends and thank you all.”

One of Bob’s favorite songs was  “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” and he requested to be remembered as a scholar, warrior and friend.

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