Kristin Sinclair Gran

Kristin Sinclair Gran passed away peacefully on December 15th, 2020. Kristin is survived by her loving family: Thomas, Elliana, Lukas, and Lena Gran; the family dog Nala; her mother Cynthia Sinclair; her father Peter Sinclair; her brother Gerrit Sinclair; and her many dear friends.

Kristin was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on April 4th, 1962. Her family then moved to New York – first to Manhattan and later to West Hurley, where Kristin finished high school at Onteora. Incredibly intelligent and ambitious, Kristin graduated high school two years early and began studies in political science at the University at Albany. Kristin completed her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees within five years, graduated summa cum laude, and accepted a Senate Fellowship at the Capital. Having impressed her supervisors with her keen intellect and unmatched work ethic, she was offered a full-time position as a policy analyst. Over the years Kristin served as Director of numerous Committees: Social Services Children, and Families, Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities, and for the last nine years the Health Committee. Throughout her 32 years at the Senate, Kristin improved the lives of thousands of New Yorkers.

Kristin had a brilliant mind and a strong determination to makes the world a better place in whatever way she could. There is not a single person who crossed Kristin’s path she did not help in some way. Her untiring dedication to her profession was matched only by her steady devotion to those in her personal life. Both a formidable advocate for the people of New York and an incredibly gentle and uplifting pillar of support for her loved ones, Kristin would be the first to challenge a lobbyist and the first to come to friend’s side in times of need. Her rare ability to embody both of these roles seamlessly and modestly is why she was cherished by friends and colleagues alike. But to her, the most important role in life was being a mother to three children, whom she adored without limit.


Kristin could always find the positive in every situation and never failed to point it out to others. She lived her life happy and optimistic. She was a shining light to those around her. Kristin loved traveling the world, spending time with her family, laughing until she cried, and taking long walks in nature with loved ones. A true angel, Kristin will be missed endlessly.

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  1. Richard C Mereday NYS Senate.

    I knew Kristin for most of her NYS Senate career and she was a dedicated, loyal professional of the Senate. I believe every Senate elected member she worked for had tremendous confidence in her to protect their interests and the constituents they were elected to serve in Albany. I found Kristin to be a friendly, helpful, competent and diligent individual who had all the characteristics that make a suburb member of the Senate family. In addition, Kristin was a splendid family lady, who loved her kids and family without question. Kristin always designed her Senate schedule in such way she could be with her family as much as possible, even during the tough periods of the legislative session.
    I am deeply saddened by Kristin’s passing, and I truly wish to send my deepest sympathies to Kristin’s family. Kristin’s passing is a sad day for the Senate family and my heart is heavy today..

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