Arya (Charles) Maloney

We are greatly saddened to announce the passing of Arya (Charles) Maloney who courageously struggled with the symptoms of a long term illness and passed on April 17th, 2020 at the age of 80. Arya leaves behind many deep and loving relationships—heart and soul connections for which he had enormous gratitude. Arya’s adventurous spirit and compassionate nature formed the bedrock of his life and work.

For over 40 years, Arya worked in the various fields of science, philosophy, psychology and spirituality as a teacher and psychologist. Through his work, many came to know his clarity, stillness and support. He drew inspiration from the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and was eventually drawn to Auroville—a community in South India dedicated to the Mother’s ideal of living consciously in a divided world. His book, Alchemy of the Soul— based on his life, work and spiritual exploration is his contribution to the field of transpersonal psychology.

He was born in Malone, NY and was greatly influenced and loved by his maternal grandmother, Maggie Sullivan. Arya is survived by a loving and beloved family— his partner Mary Arasi Berke; his son and daughter-in-law, Sean and Andrea Maloney; his daughter and son-in-law, Kathleen Maloney and Robert Hooper; granddaughters, Caitlin and Ina Maloney. He will be remembered by Vesa and Tyler Byrnes; Kai Berke and Josie Berke-Santa Cruz and Arasi’s grandchildren, Amara and Dylan Byrnes.


He was a loving soul—one who will live on in the hearts of those who truly knew him.

A memorial service for Arya will be scheduled in the Spring of 2021.

Donations could be made to The McClure Miller Respite House in Colchester, Vermont or to Auroville project: Mohanam: School and Village Cultural Center. The electronic transfer info is

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  1. Mike Rosler

    For several very challenging, but so very lucky for me, several years Arya was my therapist. I knew he was Ill when he retired several years ago but we didn’t stay in touch much long after that, and I have been avoiding what I just did, simply googling his name, hoping I wouldn’t find an orbit, and now, so very sad. He was so very special. He attended several of my local music gigs and as well, actually came to my apartment to do a memorial service for one of my most beloved cats who passed about 4 years ago. We would hug and say we loved each other after most sessions on Wall Street at that time. And then he shows up not only for my music but for my gorgeous cat who passed way too early. She was quite unusual she was what you would call a “character,” and after having spoken to him about her for a couple of years he finally met her before she passed after I had had the surgery and he looked at her then looked at me with that Irish/Buddhist twinkle in his incredibly kind eyes and that wise and wonderful smile, and said “Mike I totally get it, she IS from some other Galaxy or dimension, and we’re not meant to really figure it out.” That was this wonderful man, this wonderful Arya. He got it, he got so many things. Always in my heart.

  2. Mike Rosler

    PS typos but most noticeably, as I was voice texting I meant to say “obit” not “orbit”… Perhaps in a way that’s not a typo at all, I want to think of Arya not in obit but indeed in orbit, wherever he is:)

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