Alexander Countey

Alexander Countey left this earth on June 22, 2019, while living in the Uttarakhand state of India. He was 31 years old. During his short time with us, Alex lived a life in pursuit of unlocking the entire river of experience.

A true polymath, Alex took great joy in sharing his vast set of knowledge with all who crossed his path. His inquisitive nature, coupled with a uniquely superb intellect, meant there was no task he could not excel at once he had his heart set. A technical genius, Alex could build nearly anything from scratch, from computers to stereo systems.

Born and raised in New York City, Alex traveled the world extensively from the age of 18, spending time in the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Greece, Australia, India and Nepal. His innate warmth found him great friendships anywhere he settled, and he always seemed to have luck on his side in finding the most beautiful places to stay.

Between his travels, he made Woodstock his home, falling in love with the region’s natural beauty in contrast to his urban upbringing. He took great joy in exploring the forest, often foraging edible mushrooms and herbs, hunting for fossils, and hiking many of the area’s high peaks. His enthusiasm was contagious, and always up for anything, he led many a night hike and backcountry ski tour.

Alex was an expert cook, and could throw together a gourmet meal with as few as three ingredients. Each year, Thanksgiving gatherers looked forward to his 100% homemade seitan turkey with wild rice stuffing. Many of his recipes were influenced by his travels, in particular Indian cuisine.

Though the majority of his work was tech related, Alex truly possessed the soul of an artist. A skilled photographer, Alex had photos published in various media outlets. In recent years, Alex turned his mind towards poetry, penning hundreds of poems that explored the nature of the self, the experience of love, the pain of loss, and the beauty of this world. His family plans to publish a collection of his works.

A self-described eclectic, Alex was in a class of his own. Though many loved and admired his verve, few could match this bright star’s intensity. He is survived by his mother Lina, father Anthony, sister Maeve, brother-in-law Myles, and countless family and friends who will never forget the laughter and love Alex brought into their lives. Aum shanti aum, dearest brother.

— Maeve Countey


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