(Sponsored Post) Inter Conference NFL Rivalries: New England Patriots vs. New York Giants

The rivalry between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots goes beyond the odds to win Super Bowl 2023 titles, this is a battle that has been ongoing for quite some time now. 

In fact, the rivalry marked a very important time historically in the modern times of the NFL, after the Patriots had held dominance in the field and at the Super Bowl for some years, they finally began a rivalry with the Giants in 2008, making this rivalry still quite young! 

When the Giants ended up stopping the Pats from having an undefeated season by beating them at the Super Bowl XLII, the Pats kept their new rivalry with the Giants going, seeking revenge, however, New York ended up defeating them only 4 years later at Super Bowl XLVI. 

Talk about rubbing salt in the wound! 

It’s a young rivalry, but a good one, and another rivalry that the Patriots can add to their long list, so, let’s talk about it while we wait for the 2023 post season to kick off!

What We Know About This Rivalry

While this feud is a young one, it is also one of the best stories of all the rivalries in the NFL. Since the creation of these two franchises, they have faced off against one another in many games, dating all the way back to 1970. 

Yet, their real rivalry began after the turn of the Century, when they played off against one another in the 2007 and 2008 season. 

That season saw peak Brady at the helm, winning the Pats 16 of their regular season games, as well as their face-off against the Giants at the end of the season. The Pats were the first team ever to have a regular season with 16 undefeated wins. 

But, the rivalry grew, and after this season, both went on to win all the playoff games, and they ended up being contenders for Super Bowl XLII. If New England had won the Super Bowl that year they would have had a perfect season in its entirety. 

However, instead what happened was actually considered one of the biggest upsets to ever occur in pro sports as the Giants took down the overconfident Pats 17-14, and took the Super Bowl home! 

This game was actually famous for the ‘Helmet Catch’ which sparked quite the controversy and Super Bowl rumors about whether this was legal or not.

After this loss, the Pats tried to return to the Super Bowl for years, and in 2012, they did, and they faced the Giants once more, and once more the Giants took them down 21-17.

Games In This Rivalry

This rivalry has been played many times since it sparked up in the 2007-2008 season. With games beginning on December 29th 2007, and continuing until now. 

Their first game was the aforementioned December 2007 game where the Patriots won 38-35 to secure their perfect regular season streak. 

After this they faced the Giants at Super Bowl XLII where the Patriots lost against the Giants 17–14 thanks to the epic ‘Helmet Catch’ move.

The Giants and Pats also faced off against one another in Super Bowl XLVI. The Pats looked to be attempting to avenge their loss 4 years prior to the Giants, and they look the lead in the 3rd. 

But, the Giants, once again, made a comeback and scored themselves the winning touchdown on 57 seconds before the game ended, which resulted in the Giants winning 21-17 against the Pats. 

Of course, there were plenty of other games played, but these are the main games that have kept the rivalry juicy and with endless interest from fans. Patriots fans still huff and puff over the legality of the Helmet catch in 2008, even though there have been many more important moments for the Pats since. 

It is just the defining moment, they had a chance for a totally perfect season, and the Giants stole that chance away from them.

Players & Coaches Who Have Partaken In The Rivalry

The players and coaches who have been present for the majority of the rivalry have done their part to fuel it no doubt. 

Such as Bill Belichick who has coached the Pats since 2000. He has been incredibly involved in the rivalry. He coached the Pats during each matchup against the Giants, and is part of what turned New England into one of the most incredible sports dynasties of this century. 

Then there is the former head coach of the Giants, Tom Coughlin. Who coached the Giants for each of their Super Bowl games against the Patriots and saw them win both times! 

Brady is also a primary participant of this rivalry, having been the quarterback during both losses to the Giants. He lost 2 times against the Giants, and to Eli Manning. It is one of the tarnishes on his career. 

Manning, who was the quarterback for the Giants from 2004-2019 was also a big play party. He defeated Tom Brady and Brady’s Patriots two times in the Super Bowl, which is quite the achievement!