Ad Setup Overview

How do the ads we upload to Adspeed appear on the homepage and single-post pages in mobile and desktop views? We’ve covered this in a cursory way when discussing widgets. These videos offer some more details. Key takeaways:

  • Our main ads are Leaderboard Desktop, Leaderboard Mobile and four 300×250 spots. In addition to that we also have some house ads added directly to the site.
  • For each instance of an ad, we have to consider how it will appear on Desktop and Mobile.
  • Desktop has a sidebar with four 300×250 ads on all pages and a large leaderboard.
  • Mobile has no sidebar, so ads must be inserted within content on both homepage and in posts. On the homepage, we do this through widgets added to the Homepage section, set to display only on mobile devices (the setting is at the bottom of each widget). In posts, we use the “Ad Inserter” plugin.
  • Paid local ads are all served through Adspeed so we can track impressions and provide reports. But other ads, like Google Ads and house ads, don’t need to go through Adspeed, and in some cases it might better not to because we pay by impression.
  • Google Adsense code and JPGs of house ads can be added directly to the site, bypassing Adspeed.
  • Currently, the first 300×250 spots are fed using one call that begins with any ads in Super R and works its way down, showing paid ads that need to reach their quota before showing extra impressions, etc. The fourth 300×250 spot is managed separately, with no backup. Currently it is show Google Ads.


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