Woodstock Board reorganizes itself

The Woodstock Town Board welcomed its newest members, Councilwoman Maria-Elena Conte and Councilman Bennet Ratcliff, at its January 4 organizational meeting, where appointments were made to various boards and commissions.

“I’m very happy to participate and be a full voting member, which is very exciting,’ said Conte, who was deputy supervisor, someone who can participate in discussion and run meetings in the supervisor’s absence, but cannot vote. “And I have lots to share and would like to recommend for agenda so you know, ideas and initiatives. So I’m looking forward to working with all of you on that,” she said.

Ratcliff, too, was excited. “I just wanted to begin by thanking everybody who has been so welcoming and kind…The Town Board members and also the former members, the supervisor, the clerk, their staff as well as several committees and boards who have invited me and reached out to me to either attend or sit down. ” Ratcliff said. “I greatly appreciate hearing and welcome learning more about the things that are happening in in these committees and with important issues as well as things that that will arise. I know that we need to work together to solve some of the issues that that are on the horizon, and I look forward to doing that with everyone.”


At the year-end meeting on December 30, McKenna appointed Deputy Town Clerk Lynn Sehwerert to be the deputy supervisor until he can find somebody to fill the role more permanently. Usually, someone who has an interest in elected office is chosen since the appointed position is seen as a stepping stone.

Supervisor Bill McKenna reappointed Ken Panza as liaison to the Ulster County Climate Smart Communities and as the supervisor’s technology advisor.

He also appointed Richard Heppner as liaison to the Cemetery Commitee.

All other liaisons will be announced at a future meeting.

The following people were appointed to various town positions:

Deputy highway superintendents: Brian Chase, Heather Eighmey

Highway Department shop supervisor: Ralph VanKleeck

Deputy Town Clerks: Lynn Sehwerert, Michelle Sehwerert

HIPAA officer: Pam Boyle

Emergency Disaster Relief Coordinator: Fire Chief Kevin Peters

Town Attorney: Rod Futerfas, $165 per hour

Planning Board Special Counsel: John Lyons, $165 per hour

Town Prosecutor: John McGovern, $165 per hour

Advisor to Planning Board: Matthew Rudikoff, $165 per hour

Accounting compliance services: Pattison, Koskey & Bucci, CPA

Town Historian: Richard Heppner

The town entered agreements with various organizations for services:

Family of Woodstock for social services; Meals on Wheels for meal delivery to shut-ins; American Legion Post 1026 for coordinating Memorial Day functions honoring Veterans of American wars; Tom Whigham for video recording services; Blue Diamond Septic LLC and Bob Gehring Septic.

The following were appointed or reappointed to various boards and commissions:

Alex Bolotow, chairperson of the Woodstock Environmental Commission

Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA):

Judith Sillato, term to expire 12/31/26

Martin Mills, term to expire 12/31/22, as alternate

Gordon Wemp, ZBA chair

Planning Board:

John LaValle, term to expire 12/31/28.

Peter Cross, Chair

Commission for Civic Design:

Graydon Yearick, term to expire 12/31/2023

Joan Elliott, term to expire 12/31/22, as alternate

Comeau Stewardship Advisory Committee:

Jeffrey Viglielmo, term to expire 12/31/2023

Kathy Longyear, term to expire 12/31/2023

Jeff Keithline, term to expire 12/31/2023

Ethics Board:

Paul Washington, term to expire 12/31/24

Allison Dodd, term to expire 12/31/24

Woodstock Human Rights Commission:

Anula Courtis, term to expire 12/31/23

Salvador Altamirano-Segura, term to expire 12/31/23

Terry Lover, term to expire 12/31/23

Anula Courtis, Chair

Cemetery Committee:

Teri Reynolds, term to expire 12/31/24

Bruce Eckert, term to expire 12/31/24

Debbie Hastie, term to expire 12/31/24

Alice Lotosky, term to expire 12/31/22

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