Police identify jumper from Mid-Hudson Bridge as 34-year-old New Paltz man

On the morning of January 13, Poughkeepsie City Firefighters responded to reports of a jumper on the Mid-Hudson Bridge. Police have identified the person as a 34-year-old New Paltz man. 

Lloyd Police Chief James Janso said while they have not yet located the man, they identified the victim through his personal effects authorities recovered along with video footage from the span which carries Route 44/55 across the Hudson River from the Town of Lloyd to the City of Poughkeepsie. 

Janso said authorities spent two days combing the river to try to find the victim, but had to call off the search due to extreme weather conditions. He added they hope to resume the search Wednesday, but after a set number of days the search will be called off until spring with a focus on recovery.


Janso said police will not identify the victim in keeping with a policy of not identifying suicide victims. 

Poughkeepsie City Firefighters said previously they were called to the bridge at 10:51 a.m. alongside the Highland Fire Department and state police including boats and helicopters for reports of a jumper on the bridge. 

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