Skating rink opens in Gardiner’s Majestic Park

Thanks to donated labor and materials from a contractor who wishes to remain anonymous, the Town of Gardiner now has a seasonal municipal ice-skating rink. Measuring 55 by 95 feet, the temporary rink was installed over Christmas weekend atop the newly resurfaced basketball court in George Majestic Memorial Park.

According to Town supervisor Marybeth Majestic, the site was chosen because it is flat and of ample size. However, as of the January 4 Town Board meeting, the ice surface was “not frozen yet,” she said.

On Friday, January 7, a call for volunteers went out on the Town of Gardiner Facebook page, seeking assistance with shoveling the previous day’s snowfall off the rink. One volunteer who showed up to help later reported that the ice was “not all the way frozen. Parts were cracking under my feet this a.m. as we shoveled off the snow.”


By Saturday, however, another Gardinerite reported that “People are on it…Ice is serviceable, just not hockey-rink smooth.” This week’s trend toward colder temperatures should improve skating conditions.

There is no charge for use of the rink, which is open to all, not only Town residents. There is also no concession stand at this time, so bring your own Thermos if you want a hot drink.

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