New Paltz property-tax exemptions extended

Town of New Paltz residents who receive a STAR exemption due to age or disability will not have to reapply for it this year. Governor Kathy Hochul issued an executive order empowering town councils to have anyone on the 2021 roll with such an exemption to receive it again in 2022, without taking any action. Town council members in New Paltz passed a resolution to make that happen locally at their January 6 meeting.

Property taxes paid

The new Community Preservation Fund, which is collected in the form of a transfer tax on real estate sales, is restricted to being used for developing an open space plan, as well as acquiring land and managing it according to that plan. Paying property taxes is not one of the purposes set forth, likely because land owned by the local government isn’t subject to property tax. Nevertheless, New Paltz Town Board members at their January 6 meeting passed a resolution authorizing the payment of $75.46 in taxes on three lots acquired at auction. This was necessary because the three properties along North Ohioville Road won’t be listed as exempt until the 2023 tax roll is compiled.

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