The Rosendale Theatre Collective celebrates Dr. King with Let it Shine!

The Rosendale Theatre Collective will present “Let it Shine!” at The Rosendale Theatre on Monday, January 17 at 2 p.m.

This musical will celebrate the greatness of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. In his lifetime, Dr. King spoke to countless people of all walks of life, and his message was consistent: offer service, faith, fairness, dignity, and brotherhood. He said: “Everyone has the power for greatness, not for fame but greatness, because greatness is determined by service.”

His message is more relevant now than ever.

This living history musical event features Oliver King as MLK; interpretive dancers Keely Wright and the Energy Dance Company; vocalists Renee Bailey, Rev. Evelyn Clarke, Franklyn Gillis, The Gold Hope Duo featuring Lara Hope, Kortnee McCallm and special guests bassist Robert Kopec, Rev. Nick (Tecumseh Red Cloud) Miles, Parrots for Peace; Redwing Blackbird Theater, and more.


Jessieca McNabb will narrate. Human rights and social justice leaders of Ulster County will be honored.

The event will conclude with a screening t 4 p,m, of “John Lewis: Good Trouble,” an intimate account of Lewis’ life, legacy, and more than 60 years of activism (Rated PG – 13), A post-film discussion facilitated by New Paltz High School history teacher Albert Cook will follow.

Kitt Potter conceived and produced this presentation with help from coordinators Carrie Wykoff, Jesscieca McNabb, and Dorian Randolph.

Reserve seats at This program is sponsored by The Williams Lake Project.

Proof of vaccination required for entry for patrons over five years old. Proof includes: CDC Vaccination Card or a New York Excelsior Pass matched with a photo ID. Masks must be worn inside unless eating and drinking at your seat.

For information: The Rosendale Theatre Collective, Carrie Wykoff, 408 Main St. Rosendale, NY 12472. Phone 594-6587.


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