County Executive Pat Ryan extends State of Emergency due to continued rise in cases of COVID-19

Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan has announced that he has signed a 30-day extension to the State of Emergency order originally enacted on November 28. The extension of the order comes as cases of COVID-19 in Ulster County, driven by the Omicron variant, have more than doubled in the last month. The order, now in effect for an additional 30 days, has allowed Ulster County to rapidly procure over 50,000 at-home kits and secure a second school specialist from the State to assist with contact tracing. County Executive Pat Ryan has continued to emphasize his goal of responding to the pandemic rapidly in order to keep our schools and local businesses open safely while protecting the community at-large.

Ulster County COVID-19 Active Cases

“This emergency order has proven to be critical in allowing us to rapidly respond to the changing public health situation,” Ryan said. “Our ability as a County to partner with our schools, municipalities, and nonprofit partners, has allowed us to distribute over 50,000 free rapid at-home kits. We must do everything we can, individually and collectively, to prevent another difficult and deadly winter. I encourage all residents to get vaccinated, get your booster, and continue to socially distance and wear masks when indoors around others.”

Since the first declaration of an emergency order on November 28th, the active cases of COVID-19 have reached its highest point since February 11. Ryan is continuing to urge residents to get vaccinated if they have not already, and to get their booster shot if they received their last dose over six months ago. “The science is clear, with the emergence of the Omicron variant, it’s even more urgent to get vaccinated and get your booster,” Ryan said. “Vaccines remain our most effective tool to stop the virus and save lives.”


Ulster County COVID-19 Daily Positive Rate


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