Letters to the editor (12/22/21)

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Truth carriers

Consider the moniker of the organization Wounded Warriors. As a veteran myself, I suggest changing the name to “Truth Carriers.” Wounded Warrior connotes a victim. Wounded has already been excessively used overidentifying combat veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

“The Wounded Warrior Project’s mission is to honor and empower combat veterans.” Their statement says they want to foster the most well-adjusted generation of injured service members in our nation’s history.”


The word “wounded” in their moniker covers up truth as significant as any physical injury. Yet, as a side effect of our most recent wars, veterans are spending their lives grappling with the moral paradoxes our government engaged them in.

I see our recent unjust wars as an advanced course for veterans in the humanities. Our soldiers learned the brutal truth of why government leaders sent them to war on their first day “in country.” Veterans saw clearly that their lives got dispatched to protect the power and wealth of the elite.

The media commercialize an endless supply of war stories, cherry-picking the ones with the most drama. Daily, veteran suicides lay bare how their souls suffer. Today’s most ignored moral injuries occur in those involved in automated button-pushing killings. Politicians and generals use verbal dance twists to spin and disguise the depth of moral responsibility this kind of warfare calls forth. All combat veterans learn that it simply boils down to, “Was the enemy I killed deserving of death?”

“Truth Carriers” endlessly ask this question of themselves, while politicians dare not. Not owning moral responsibility for taking life keeps humanity buried beneath monolithic piles of blood money. 

Because veterans have taken a life or supported others taking life, they have no choice but to hold death in their awareness. This moral truth provides the possibility of self-forgiveness. But, unfortunately, political and military leadership, along with the wealthy who manipulated commerce to gain vast wealth from war deaths, are hoping the war images seen on the media will fade like old newsprint.

“Truth Carriers” know war in their bones. Death visits them daily from past battlefields, affecting their decisions beyond most civilians’ understanding. In contrast, civilians know wars from sound bites, with stupid commercials dominating their attention spans. The government hires experts to dissect wars into complex intellectualized concepts that don’t bleed. News philosophers make up abstract ideas that leave the moral facts of war’s aftereffects in the unconscious of every citizen.

Without “Truth Carriers” being supported in reframing their battlefield knowledge into moral wisdom, it is those unconscious insights that often ferment into addiction and mental and moral disorders. Unfortunately, the Veterans’ Administration is frightened of our “Truth Carriers” and provides only a fraction of support – mainly medications – instead of providing anyone to honestly listen to their truths. As a result, they ignore the lesson of the theater of war, which results in no authentic public debates about going to war. The long-term effect this has on all aspects of our humanity is profound.

I have heard more enlightening truths as a waiting patient in the VA hospital than on TV. I imagine ivory-tower professors see these truths I listened to as primitive or survivalist thoughts, instead of a vet speaking out of his intuitive soul. Yet, what that veteran offered me at the VA cafeteria was alchemy for my soul, a doorway to seeking life beyond the unjust killing of war.

“In God We Trust” is absent everywhere except on our cash. The “Almighty Buck Reigns.” The wealthy own the politicians who control the military. There is no faster or more supported endeavor for spending and making immense amounts of cash than going to war. Our military holds the human capital needed to go to war in its bank. The amoral behavior of our politicians has been proven by their willingness to spend human life freely.

I urge seekers of moral wisdom to find the dinner table of a “Truth Carrier” and listen. The “Truth Carrier” I heard while eating my baloney sandwich at the VA cafeteria said, “No one should be able to run for election of Senate, Congress or president without working or serving in a military conflict or war. They should serve for at least six months, with three months of their service working in the military morgue.”

Larry Winters
New Paltz


Obviously, logic was not a required course for many anti-vaxxers. Now listen, “I see people wearing winter coats and hats now. What a bunch of sheep! I did my own research and found out that only 1,500 people die from hypothermia in the USA per year. That’s only 0.0005 percent of the population. They live in fear of something that 99.9995 percent of the people won’t die from. It gets better, too: A lot of the people who died from hypothermia were wearing coats and hats, and they still died! Coats don’t work!”

I recommend every conspiracy theorist to not wear coats and stay outside for many hours on a cold winter night. Anti-vaxxers would purposely freeze themselves to death to “own liberals.” Yup, that would sure show me and my leftist coat agenda.

If you think this is silly, think about all the arguments you have heard from the “freedom and rights” crowd about vaccines. Their arguments are just as silly!

Red Hat mask/vaccine logic in action, and yes, for some Republicans, the willingness of the pro-Trump faction to use anti-vaccine rhetoric for political capital is disturbing. “They just care about winning,” a lifelong Republican said. “It’s the worst element in American politics today.”

Oh, there’s one more tidbit for the anti-vaxxer crowd who gave in and are now scrambling to “undo” their jab. You can’t fix stupid, but here’s how to stay safe: Buy 365 days’ worth of food (don’t forget the toilet paper) and barricade yourself in your home. Turn off your Internet, because Omicron is a secret Transformer and will hunt you down.


At this point, if you can look at all the legitimate science out there and still choose to believe the YouTube University “experts,” well then – I got nothing for ya.

But seriously, Omicron is the latest variant of the virus that causes COVID-19. Like Delta, it’s been designated by the World Health Organization as a “Variant of Concern” (more severe than a “Variant of Interest”). Also, like Delta, it’s moving fast.

It has more mutations than Delta, but we don’t yet know if it’s more dangerous. Keep your fingers crossed; I’m hoping this is the beginning of the end, and the start of COVID kneecapping its mortality severity rate. Hopefully the “mild symptom” trend continues and, in a few weeks/months, the data continue to support this. So yes, in the interim, get vaccinated and boostered, and even bolstered.

Neil Jarmel
West Hurley

Time to slob around

I am building up my immune system by being a slob.


40th anniversary: time to update Bottle Bill

For years, many activists and various elected officials, including the Village of New Paltz Board of Trustees, have said it’s time to update the New York State Bottle Bill.

New York State’s nearly four-decade-old five-cent deposit rate should be increased to ten cents to encourage more participation. The New York State Bottle Bill was enacted in 1982 and most recently amended in 2009 to add plastic water bottles.

Five cents in 1982 is equivalent in purchasing power of 14 cents in 2021. The buying power of five cents in 1982 is two cents today. Michigan and Oregon’s recycling rates are some of the highest in the nation and they have ten-cent deposits. Vermont has a 15-cent fee on liquor bottles.

Other important things are included in senator Todd Kaminsky, assemblyman Steve Englebright and their co-sponsors’ latest Bottle Bill proposals. (Former senator Jen Metzger was a co-sponsor too.)  Three highlights:

1) Expands the list of beverages to add wine, liquor, distilled spirits, cider and wine and to phase in the addition of noncarbonated soft drinks, noncarbonated fruit and vegetable juices containing less than 100 percent fruit or vegetable juice, coffee and tea beverages and carbonated fruit beverages.

2) Establishes minimum post-consumer content requirement for containers: glass and aluminum 35 percent, plastics 30 percent and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) 25 percent.

3) Increases the handling fee from 3.5 cents to five cents for each container returned that redemption centers are reimbursed by distributors.

Many are hoping governor Kathy Hochul proposes updating our New York State Bottle Bill in the upcoming Executive Budget for 2022-2023 to celebrate the 40th anniversary.

Mayor Tim Rogers
New Paltz

Build Back Better

CNN noted the other day that the Congressional Budget Office stated the Build Back Better law being discussed now, and soon proposed for a vote, enacted as written, would increase the federal deficit by $3 trillion. Three is a small number; why not vote for it?

I have not been in a math class in years, so I have no idea if “magnitude-size-of numbers” is ever discussed. Most people do not understand that a trillion is 1,000 billion and a billion is 1,000 million and a million is a whole lot more than any of us ever thought of. It used to be considered excessive for politicians to discuss billions of dollars. Now the “T” word is thrown around as though they are pennies. Remember, a billion is 1,000 million: a lot of anythings. A trillion is a 1 followed by 12 zeros: 1,000,000,000.000. Quarters, dollars, grains of rice – a trillion is a huge quantity. Every following zero is ten times as more than the previous number.

Most people have no concept of size or quantity when numbers are discussed. Let’s do an experiment. Save up 100 quarters – yup, $25. A quarter is about an inch in diameter. Go out to the sidewalk or the driveway and lay them out edge-to-edge in a straight line. You will get a row a bit over eight feet long. That is what 100 looks like. How long did that take? Let’s say five minutes. Go find ten friends who will help in this demonstration. Have them each add their row of quarters. You will soon have an array of ten rows of quarters that is about ten inches wide by eight feet in length – and there will be 1,000 quarters. If your friends did their row in five minutes, a total of 50 minutes was expended laying out the quarters. With a few minutes to make room for the next person, assume one hour to lay out all 1,000 quarters.

Let’s expand this effort to a million. We will go to the back corner of the Hudson Valley Mall parking lot and do this again, but make a thousand such arrays. No, let’s make 100 arrays. We will have to find room for all of them in other places. The arrays need almost 15 acres. Put 100 quarters in each row, but make 100 rows for a 100-by-100 array: 10,000 quarters. Need to do this 100 times to reach one million. Instead of an hour to lay out a thousand quarters, it will take ten hours to do the 10,000. With 100 groups of workers, we could lay out 1,000,000 (million) quarters in ten hours – assuming everyone is ambitious.

To get to a 1,000,000,000 (billion), we need 1,000 15-acre parking lots to duplicate the 100 10,000-quarter arrays. There may not be enough parking lot area between New York City and Albany, but in one large lot, stack the quarters 1,000 high on all 100 arrays. A group of 25 quarters face-to-face is about 1.75 inches; 1,000 would be 70 inches, or nearly six feet high. We have arranged the quarters into 100 arrays of 1,000 by 1,000 (83 feet per side). At an hour per row, it would take about 1,000 hours for the array – about seven weeks, full-time. All we need to do now is stack the quarters. Work would be standing 10,000 tubes of 999 quarters atop each one in the array’s first layer. Another seven weeks for each array.

So now we have a billion quarters, 100 arrays of 1,000-by-1,000 quarters, each roughly 80 by 80 feet, stacked 1,000 coins high – approximately six feet. The effort took nearly two-and-a-half months of full-time work, arranging and stacking quarters on over 15 acres of hard surface.

Now do you understand the size of a billion?

To get to one trillion we need to do this 1,000 more times.

See why I think one trillion dollars is a lot of government money to spend/ The government does not make money; they take it, through taxes!

Frank Almquist

Comeau addition

A while back, our supervisor said, “It has come to my attention there are questions about the process and the design,” and that he’s “stepping back from the Comeau renovation project and leaving it largely up to the Town Board. Councilmen Richard Heppner and Lorin Rose will continue to work with Walker Architecture to fine-tune the design for the main offices at 45 Comeau Drive.”

What were the questions about the process and design that caused McKenna to step back? Have they been answered?

Howard Harris

A butcher in a camel-hair coat

In the movie On the Waterfront Terry Molly’s brother, Charlie, is described by the father of a Johnny Friendly murder victim as “Johnny Friendly’s right hand and a butcher in a camel-hair coat.” The camel-hair coat, a symbol of wealth and success, gave the appearance of respectability to the illegal activities – including murder – of Friendly and his henchmen.

After reading Melanie Demitri Chletcos’ letter “Being treated like a broodmare,” I thought of Bill Clinton saying abortion should be a decision between a woman, her doctor and her God and should be “legal, safe and rare,” and I remembered this quote from On the Waterfront. Like the camel-hair coat description of Charlie, Clinton’s comment on abortion is couched in respectability by making it merely a decision a perspective mother made with symbols of societal respectability and morality: physicians and God.

Recently, the Third Circuit DC court ruled against Donald Trump’s claim of executive privilege regarding Congressional subpoenas of his records for their investigations of the events of January 6, 2021. To support the ruling, the court stated, “Lives were lost, blood was shed” and “There is a direct linkage between the former president and the events of the day.” During abortion, bones are often crushed, limbs torn, blood is shed, a human life is always lost and there is a direct linkage of this violent killing between a mother, a doctor and the God to whom she prays to sanction it. (It should be mentioned that a woman’s consulted doctor is seldom her family physician, but one who makes his living performing the death-dealing disservice of abortion. Moreover, their God is one of a woman’s and physician’s own imaginations: always ready to accommodate any decision that the woman and physician believe is in their best interests.)

In her attempts to defend abortion, Melanie cites the sexual revolution’s influence of making abortion necessary and the impossibility of “shoving that genie back in the bottle.” (One can imagine the historical implications if that same approach was taken in the case of slavery or other evils that violate justice.) Melanie cites the progress of women that resulted from 50 years of court-created abortion rights, neglecting to describe what actually occurs during an abortion or the emotional and spiritual wounds many women incur from their complicity in the act.

In closing, Melanie prays, apparently, to a God who favors abortion rights, that women – lest they become broodmares – rise up by withholding sex from men till they come to their senses and support abortion, without mentioning that most men responsible for impregnating women during recreational sex are willing to give abortion a big thumbs-up, since it allows them to escape responsibility for their role in conception. Moreover, she continues the deception that the viability of a developing human life outside the womb should determine its humanity, even though developing human infants, once born, aren’t so viable without care.

Finally, Ms. Chletcos hides the fact that false-hearted judges, by creating a nonexistent “constitutional right to abortion,” have made it legal for women and their Gods to be willing accomplices of abortionists. Because of this, rather than admonishing women to “kick up their heels” to protect abortion rights, Melanie should alert them to the fact that abortionists don’t have their interests in heart and are really butchers in white medical coats.

George Civile

Let’s get real

We constantly hear about the great strides we are making toward transparency, but nearly every budget headline, be it town, county, state or schools, proves otherwise.

Headlines claim “Lower Taxes,” but the reality is that the amount of taxes is either staying the same or more often rising. The fact that the properties are being valued higher lets them claim that tax rates are lower; but even with lower rates, chances are there will be more tax dollars coming out of your pocket.

For example, if you have a $200,000 home and your taxes are $5,000, your tax rate is $25 per $1,000 evaluation. If your house is now valued at $250,000, your tax rate for the same $5,000 tax bill is only $20 per $1000 evaluation. If they raise your taxes by $1,000 to $6,000, but use your new evaluation, your tax rate has dropped from $25 to $24 per $1,000, but your actual tax has increased by 20 percent.

Budgets that claim to “not raise taxes,” but include using millions of dollars from the “surplus,” are actually not balanced budgets. Raising the expenses, but hiding it by utilizing the surplus account, is just kicking the problem of balancing the budget down to the next year and hiding the tax increases. It usually means larger tax increases or larger cuts in the future.

The budget represents the spending (and income) plan. The usage of the “surplus” account happens when the spending plan exceeds the income plan. This imbalance is a hole that has to get filled somehow. Since spending rarely goes down year to year, the hole gets included as part of the base budget the next year, and the imbalance gets larger each year unless some miracle extra income stream is found. Eventually, either the taxes have to get raised to make the spending match the income, or the spending (employees, services et cetera) has to be cut to match the income streams. The surplus is by law in place to protect against unforeseen emergencies. Utilizing the surplus as part of the base budget is just delaying balancing the budget.

There may be great things in the budgets that cost more, but let’s be honest about describing it.

The media should also be helping to educate folks. They should be helping report “What This Really Means” to the readers. Often, it seems as if the articles are just what is sent to them.

Mark Hoffstatter

The ethos of Sojourner Truth

This evening, our Esopus Town Board voted 3-1 to ban THC stores and pot parlors in our town. During public comments, I made the following remarks. Unlike Saugerties and other towns selling THC, Esopus has a rich history – as exemplified by Sojourner Truth – of caring for our neighbors. I am hoping that you can print these remarks so that those values espoused by Sojourner Truth and embraced in our Town of Esopus might be more widely practiced.

“Foremost, let me thank the Esopus Board for hosting this public comment and my Esopus neighbors for voicing their values. My name is Skip Doyle; I live right here in this hamlet of Port Ewen. I boast that I was born in our Town of Esopus, and shall be buried in our Town of Esopus.

“I have weighed this concern in my mind and in my heart, and have penned my pondering to paper. I would like to share those thoughts with you:

“Unlike our state legislators who have our New York State Constitution for moral guidance, and our congressmen in Washington who have the United States Constitution to consult in governing how we want to live, our local government has no such document. Our values are embodied in our ten-score and ten years of Esopus heritage. That heritage shines outside this Town Hall in the shrine for war veterans who sacrificed their lives for the betterment of all in this community and this country. It is evident in the American flags that fly from Esopus firehouses, churches and homes, which salute our concern for all citizens. And it is proclaimed by that monument in the center of our town: Sojourner Truth Park.

“This value of civic welfare is extolled by the life and words of Sojourner Truth. Sojourner Truth promoted three causes: the abolition of slavery, equal rights for women and temperance. She held temperance as important as slavery and women’s rights because she witnessed the devastation that intoxication wreaked on her Esopus neighbors, her family, her friends – as we all have. And if anyone has escaped such tragedy, just come to this Town Hall court any Tuesday night. The question before you today is: Am I a Dumont or am I a Van Wagenen? Will you use the law to perpetuate a wrong? Or work within the law to right an injustice?

“The enslavement of other human beings, the suppression of women, intemperance…what do each of these have in common? Selfishly benefiting one’s self at the expense of another. Standing in my own boots, I realize that this issue is not about my right to ingest anything into my body that I want. As a landowner, it is not about tax revenues. It is about my civic obligation to my neighbors.

“John Donne in his poem For Whom the Bells Toll writes:

No man is an island… Each is a part of the main.
Each man’s death diminishes me,
For I am involved in mankind.
Therefore, send not to know
For whom the bell tolls,
It tolls for thee.”

Skip Doyle
Port Ewen

A legislative victory

Perhaps I did Mr. Butz a disservice by suggesting that he was unfamiliar with President Biden’s legislative victories, so here is a list. By narrowly approving a massive COVID-19 response and economic relief package last week, Democrats in Congress handed president Joe Biden his first legislative victory after only 50 days in the White House. The US $1.9 trillion, 628-page American Rescue Plan Act is a signature achievement so monumental that it has been compared to president Lyndon B. Johnson’s sweeping Great Society legislation that raised many Americans out of poverty, with a safety net of social and health services, including the Medicare and Medicaid insurance programs.

After that, Biden signed the infrastructure bill, marking victory in a hard-fought legislative battle. The act will direct billions of dollars towards new construction on roads, bridges, airports and seaports. Republican governors like South Dakota’s Kristi Noem and senators like Kentucky’s Rand Paul are begging for their share of these monies. In addition, the White House is keeping its focus on getting Congress to pass a separate $1.75 trillion spending bill that would fund measures like universal pre-K and programs to lower medical costs.

President Biden’s $2.2 trillion social safety net and climate change bills have languished in the Senate, but are still alive, no thanks to Joe Manchin. Senator Joe Manchin has a measly net worth of $5 million, according to Ballotpedia. When the Senator is not working, he can typically be found aboard his $250,000 boat. It would tax the annual wealth gains of about 700 American billionaires, some of whom were shown in a series Pro Publica reports to have paid a tiny fraction of their wealth in taxes, while some paid no income taxes at all, like Trump. The proposal would raise $557 billion over ten years and turn the Build Back Better Act into a bona fide deficit-reducer. Okay, Mr. Butz?

They are a team and Jill Biden is a gem of a woman, intelligent and competent – unlike her pathetic predecessor, who is launching an NFT site to market useless celebrity items at maximum prices, but promises to devote a part of her profit to benefit children. If her husband is her advisor, we can count on a hefty 0.01 percent.

Meyer Rothberg

Neil got it wrong

Neil’s letter in the December 1 issue of HV1 had its usual temperament, but was unusual in that it made a number of citations regarding the Kyle Rittenhouse (KR) trial and acquittal instead of mostly name-calling. He just left out some context or got it wrong.

The letter said KR created a situation. He didn’t create the situation. He was drawn to protect business from the rioting and looting by violent crowds (who did an estimated $50 million in damage). He has ties to the area. He has friends and family in Kenosha. He was employed as a lifeguard in Kenosha. All in all, his actions were ill-advised, but legal.

The judge was labeled as a racist. Judge Schroeder was appointed by a Wisconsin Democratic governor. His phone ringtone was used at Trump rallies. “God Bless the USA” is racist now?

KR legally possessed the rifle. Rifle was bought and stored in Wisconsin. He was also carrying a first-aid kit.

The withheld video was not clear who was saying what. It did not show KR saying he wanted to shoot looters. This would be a misleading piece of evidence.

The bad guys were rioting, so you can call them rioters. Collectively, they were rioters and looters.

One of the bad guys was using the N word and threatened to kill KR. KR shot him as he physically attacked while KR was retreating. KR was labeled a white supremacist by Kamala, Brandon, AOC and plenty of others. Where do you get white supremacist for white-on-white violence?

The second guy tried to cave KR’s head in with a skateboard. Then the video is pretty clear with the third guy that KR did not shoot until Grosskreutz raised the pistol at him.

Every party has troubling people. Gosar and Gaetz are two of them in the Republican Party. The other side has Swalwell (sleeping with Chinese spy), Omar (sham wedding to brother, paying husband for consulting), Brandon (son Hunter using him to influence-peddle with Ukraine, China), Tlaib (violating campaign finance rules) and many others. This doesn’t invalidate the party, either one.

Our justice system convicted Derek Chauvin for killing George Floyd. Also convicted, the three who killed Ahmaud Arbery. KR shot three white commie criminals, one a convicted child molester. Jussie Smollett is on trial now for faking racism. Media defends someone who faked an attack and vilifies someone who defended himself in a real attack. If there is rampant racism, why do so many have to stage hate crimes?

The root cause of these riots was a police shooting. The cop who shot Jacob Blake was justified because Blake was reaching for his knife. Jacob was a violent felon. He fought with the police and admitted he had a knife on him.

This is my favorite time of the year, now that I can conceal-carry a bigger auto.

This just in! Report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics: Unemployment rate for the Cuomo brothers has reached 100 percent.

I wish everyone a peaceful and blessed Christmas.

Tom McGee


In the last year, 100,000 Americans have died of drug overdoses, the main culprit being fentanyl, which is pouring across our southern border in pill form. Drug overdoses are now the number-one cause of death of Americans age 18 to 45. All the Biden administration wants to talk about is COVID, masks and mandates. I realize it’s a lot easier to get the law-abiding to comply with the mandates than it is to get criminals to stop smuggling and selling drugs. Just a few suggestions: Stop letting sellers out with no bail – what do you think they’re going to do for money when you let them back on the street? Secure the border, try completing the wall and maybe classify the drugs as biochemical weapons of mass destruction – 100,000 fatalities should make that doable – and declare the smugglers to be terrorists and punish them accordingly.

John Habersberger
New Paltz

Six years of drought

It’s coming!  And our leaders are doing nothing to prepare.  Climate change is real.  Last night I went with Bear Grylls to Kenya, where drought has persisted for the past 15 years. You can only hope we are spared, but hope is not a plan.  Shake your fist at Mother Nature all you want.  She does not hear you. Planning means more reservoirs, capturing flood waters when they come, desalination, using solar.

Waiting and hoping are not being prepared.  We cannot exist without water.  BTW, for now we will be miserable without fossil fuels, too!

Paul Nathe
New Paltz

Question authority

Regarding my letter “Evolution of Mistrust” and the anniversary of the JFK assassination a month ago, it is fitting to examine the government’s official narrative that adamantly stated Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman. Incredibly, they would have us all believe that an assassin, allegedly Oswald, would use a gun that was mail ordered to his post office box and then leave the “smoking gun” in the snipers nest as he fled the scene violating the first rule of assassins: “never use traceable guns.” 

Furthermore, the Mannlicher-Carcano Italian carbine bolt-action rifle Oswald allegedly used was determined to be in “poor condition,” including the scope, making it impossible to aim correctly. 

The top sniper in the US military attempted to make the same shots Oswald allegedly did using the actual gun, only this time the rifle and scope was repaired and the target was stationary as compared to Oswald who allegedly hit twice a target moving 12 yards per second, 260 feet away. Even with those advantages, the expert military sniper could not make the same shot once, nor could he get off two shots with that bolt action rifle under 2.3 seconds (http://www.22november1963.org.uk/lee-harvey-oswald-marksman-sharpshooter). The shots that killed JFK and wounded Gov. Connelly were at the maximum 1.53 seconds apart, indicating multiple assassins. Oswald was given a paraffin test and no gunpowder residues were found on his cheeks demonstrating he had not fired any rifle that day (http://www.22november1963.org.uk/oswald-rifle-and-paraffin-tests).  When the public started seeing through the fabricated official narrative, the worried CIA sent out memo #31035-960 (http://assassinationofjfk.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/CIA-Memo-Warren-Commission.pdf) weaponizing the term  “conspiracy theorist” against those who would question the phony Warren Commission Report even though alternative views were based on sound forensic science. This government methodically covered up what really happened in Dealy Plaza, November 22, 1963, making itself complicit in the assassination of JFK and losing the trust of many, myself included. 

Fifty-seven years later, the government continues to disinform the public with deceptive official narratives, this time about the origins of the Covid-causing-virus, the hyped up pandemic and risky untested pseudo-vaccines.  Meanwhile, the inconvenient truth emerges in a thoroughly documented book by JFK’s nephew, being  #1 on Amazon, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times bestseller list (“The-Real-Anthony-Fauci” RFK Jr. 2021), even though Big Pharma’s controlled media refuses to review it.  Evidently, the public wants to know more than what the government has been telling us and so should you. 

Steve Romine