Catskill Terraces ten-lot subdivision approved

After nearly a year of discussion, adjustment of plans and hearings, Catskill Terraces, a ten-lot subdivision on 88 acres has received conditional final approval from the Town of Saugerties Planning Board.

The board voted unanimously to approve the subdivision, located at Manorville and Ralph Vedder roads, at its regular meeting on November 16, The project was first presented to the board at its meeting in January, 2001. Since then, it has undergone some changes following a public hearing at which neighbors criticized the project as being too big, despite the fact that it has constraints against both overbuilding and additional development.  The subdivision map shows more than half the property as constrained from further development.

The board’s consultant, Adriana Beltrani said the approval has been drawn up. The few details that must be cleared up include bonding to ensure that the job is done correctly.


The board also voted to waive another public hearing. The applicant’s attorney, Michael Lorrie, said they could legally do so if the project was substantially the same as it was for the first public hearing.

As the board was polled, each member said “yes,” but Chairman Howard Post said, “a big yes; I’m glad to see this come to a close.” In an earlier vote, Board Member Carole Fur man told Hogan, “I think you’ve done a great job.”

Lorrie thanked the board for the work it had put into the project, the consultant and “the people who spoke at the public hearing, and the improvements that came out of it.” Hogan also thanked the board for its work.

Following the meeting, Hogan said the conditions in the approval were relatively minor, and they could be cleared up quickly. The application will not have to be heard in person at the Planning Board, he said. He will be working on the stormwater management plan and final inspection of the septic systems, but his role is essentially completed. The next steps would be overseen by an architect.

According to the Hudson Valley Contemporary Homes web site (, the houses for six of the lots have been designed and would be sold with the lots. The four largest lots are intended for custom designed and built homes.

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