New, wide-reaching parking restrictions for Kingston

What do film crews, trash collectors and snowstorms have in common? They all send Kingstonites scrambling to find parking.

In a unanimous vote, the Common Council passed two resolutions to address issues created by the radical changes made to Broadway this year.

Many city residents wondered how trash and snow removal would work with the unique new street design. City Department of Public Works Superintendent Ed Norman seemed to share those concerns, requesting the Common Council to pass the parking changes. The restrictions were crafted to help his limited crew to overcome dangerous new obstacles to doing their jobs, such as having to drag garbage through bike lanes and parking spots while cars try to pass collection trucks on both sides.


One resolution declares parking on either side of Broadway to be prohibited Tuesdays from 6 to 9am. The other resolution is geared towards snow removal: At possible penalty of ticketing and towing, no one will be allowed to park on snow emergency routes during a declared snow emergency. The city will also be required to mail notice of the restrictions to all residents.

Film Crews Shut Down Several Streets in November

Kingston has become quite a popular movie set over recent years, thanks in part to the region’s open-armed embrace of the film industry. As such, a new wave of temporary parking restrictions are set to take effect between Tuesday, Nov. 16 and Wednesday, Nov. 24. This production crew seems to be using all the aesthetic splendor that Kingston has to offer, shutting down parking in various (mostly uptown) locations throughout the city. There will be no parking in the following locations and times:

  • 11/16-11/18, 11/22-11/24: A small portion (meters 310-312) of Wall Street’s east side, starting at 6am
  • 11/18: Green Street between John and Main, starting at 4pm
  • 11/18: West Strand Street between Broadway and Ravine Street, including the 95 Doct St. municipal lot, from 7am to 5pm
  • 11/18: South side of North Front Street between Washington Ave and the municipal parking lot, starting at 8am
  • 11/18: East side of Frog Alley between North Front Street and Schwenk Drive, starting at 8am
  • 11/18: East side of Green Street between North Front and John streets, starting at 8am
  • 11/18: West side of Crown Street between North Front and John streets, starting at 8am
  • 11/19: Fair Street between John and Main Streets, between 3 and 8pm
  • 11/19-11/20: East side of Fair Street between North Front and John streets, from noon
  • 11/20-11/21: No parking at two meters (404-405) on John Street

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