Children’s Halloween parade in Saugerties

Mikki Rogers, with Chiara Rogers in the stroller and Blaise, Ty and Siena Rogers, and Elijah and Julian Arnold. (Photos by David Gordon)

The traditional Saugerties Halloween parade, called off last year because of COVID-19, was back this year with the costumes, the playful kids in the Village parking lot and the parade through the Village to the firehouse. Missing this year was the traditional awards ceremony, as the virus confined the festivities to the downstairs area of the firehouse to provide for adequate air circulation. The Auxiliary served the traditional apple juice and doughnuts.

Lisa McCarthy, center, with Nolan and Landon Cook.

Paraders leave the parking lot.

Micah Ferrendino, in ape costume, scratches himself.

Mia Sully with baby Noah (front).

The O’Neill family: Rose, in helmet; mom, Maggie; Remy; and Dennis, holding Alma the dog.


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