Five out of nine seats unopposed in Kingston Common Council election

The City of Kingston Common Council, exclusively made up of nine Democrats to go along with a Democratic mayor, Steve Noble, and Democratic Alderwoman at large Andrea Shaut, will most assuredly reelect a Democratic majority on November 2, as five of the city’s nine wards will be uncontested, with Democrats as the only candidates. 

They include incumbent Rita Worthington (D, Working Families) in Ward 4; Naimah Muhammed (D) in Ward 5; Incumbent Anthony ‘Tony’ Davis (D) in Ward 6; Steven Schabot (D), incumbent in Ward 8; and incumbent Michele Hirsch (D, WF) in Ward 9. 

That leaves four races for seats on the council. 

In Ward 1, Democrat Barbara Hill (D, WF) squares off against Republican and Conservative party candidate Steven Peruso, for the seat occupied by Democrat Jeffrey Morell.


In Ward 2, Carl Frankel (D, WF) is in the race facing Michael Locasio (R,C). 

Ward 3 has four candidates on the ballot: incumbent Reynolds Scott-Childress (D, Good Government); Tiffany Christiana (R, C, Safer Community); Joseph DiFalco (CKG Independence); and former Councilman Brad Will (Of the people).