Site plan revisions sought for Colony Woodstock

Since an emergency order allowing spaces for outdoor gatherings has expired, establishments now must obtain site plan approval if they want to make changes permanent.

Colony Woodstock presented updates to its site plan earlier this month to make its beer garden permanent. Nicholas Ballinger, owner of Early Terrible, a bar, and Mud Club, a bagel shop, both at 43-45 Mill Hill Road, presented his plans at the October 21 Woodstock Planning Board meeting.

“So when the Coronavirus hit, and (Supervisor Bill) McKenna allowed us to make some changes so we could try to accommodate outdoor diners, we had two roof-like enclosures. They’re open, but there’s a rooftop built to put customers inside of them so that they could just have a roof over their head,” Ballinger said. “So, we have these two, I call them cabins, but they’re two A-frame structures in the back with A-frame roofs on them, and I’m here asking for a site plan modification to include these in our site plan,” Ballinger said. 


“I checked with the Building Department to make sure there was no issue with setbacks. So it’s just a question of doing a quick site visit,” Planning Board Chair Peter Cross said.

A visit was schedule for a later date and the site plan revisions will be subject to a public hearing.