Gentrification: What Can You Do About It? | HV1 Podcast #2

Gentrification is here. What can you do?

This week, HV1 Publisher Geddy Sveikauskas and Associate Publisher Genia Wickwire share their perspectives on gentrification. Having been anchored in Uptown Kingston for over two decades, Geddy and Genia have seen firsthand how complicated the issue is, and also what solutions might work to help address the negative effects of gentrification and worsening of existing crises.

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  1. Susan Goldman

    Thanks for this thoughtful conversation about our housing crisis– which as you point out is inextricably tied to jobs and wages. Whenever we talk about “housing” we can count on people talking about crime and ‘outsiders’. Yes! we need the long slow turn to better understanding of the dynamics of how this has happened and an end to blaming people for their lack of housing. In the meantime, we need people to step up and support using the media attention and financial support to build housing now.

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