How Will Local Elections Change Your Life? | HV1 Podcast #1

Join HV1 Publisher Geddy Sveikauskas and host Zac Shaw in the debut episode of the Hudson Valley One Podcast.

Our discussion centers around the upcoming local elections, and why local voters and non-voters alike should want to pay attention to regional politics. We talk about power structures and the personal drama of political life.

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  1. K. A. Cahill

    It is great to see Geddy out and about again! His sage perspective and thoughtful analysis is an important part of our public dialogue.

    Thank you Zac Shaw for positing responsible questions that relate completely with the general electorate. But one thing, Hey Zac…. Kingstonites? Nay Nay. Kingstonians was our brand long before a hotel and development started using it. I know a lot of new neighbors who used to be Brooklynians go with the “ite” suffix, but it just isn’t right!

    Again, thanks for an informative and interesting new approach for HV1. Now here’s to all getting out to vote!

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