New Paltz Halloween parade a possibility

New Paltz’s “high holiday,” Halloween, will have a more public presence again this year. The popular parade, which can draw thousands, was cancelled by Rotary Club members who organize it last year. If they want to try in 2021, trustees think that would be just fine.

Mayor Tim Rogers reported that the Town’s police chief thinks a parade could be conducted in a safe manner. It’s a tradition that stretches back into the 1960s, one that was created by a Lions Club member and run through that organization until very recently. Trustees were visibly enthused by the prospect of this parade occurring; Michele Zipp called it the “greatest day of the year” and William Wheeler Murray said that it is “one of our best parts of New Paltz.”

The parade route has long been from the middle school to the firehouse on Plattekill Avenue, but this will likely be the last year that there is a firehouse on Plattekill Avenue. The pandemic makes it a suitable test run for a parade without, because the firehouse will not be used as a site for handing out chocolate bars and apples this year. It’s expected that marchers will linger nearby as they plan their next activities.


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