Center for Photography at Woodstock moving to Kingston

Photo of the Center for Photography at Woodstock by Peter Frey, 1988.

After nearly four decades at 59 Tinker Street, the Center for Photography at Woodstock has announced that it is moving its operations to Kingston.

“The proud two-story building has served us magnificently, but we have unfortunately outgrown it with regard to square footage, as well as our future plans,” CPW said in a press release.


“We will therefore be moving operations to Midtown Kingston before the end of the year.”

CPW plans to take advantage of the area’s red-hot real estate market to sell the building, which has a rich history, having housed The Nook, then Cafe Espresso where Bob Dylan took residence on the second floor. Through the 1980s and 90s, the ground floor with its sunken patio reminiscent of a Parisian cafe, was home to the Tinker Street Cafe.

The asking price is $950,000 and a sale is currently under contract, according to sources.

“The building at 59 Tinker Street is an enduring symbol of the generosity and support we have received through the years from the Woodstock community, especially Doug James, and Colleen and Kathleen Kenyon, who were instrumental in securing this home for us. We will forever be grateful,” CPW said in its release.

“Direct support of artists and affordable workspaces are at the heart of our mission. To best serve our artists in today’s environment, we need more workspace, especially space that is versatile in nature.”

CPW said it looks forward to sharing more news about the move to Kingston and upcoming projects.

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  1. Margaret Smith

    Think fast – what are the first 2 developers’ names that come to mind here? Or about the Library moving to the old Simulaids factory? Wild guesses accepted!

    1. Bill H

      Cynical. Are you already against the Center of Photography selling their property? Jeez, I’d hate to be your neighbor. Do you wish you could get in the way and block the sale if you and your ilk don’t approve of the buyer? You can be sure that commercial Woodstock real estate transactions are going to be in secret, and that is due to a small, noisy, non-representative, meddling group of local fake-hippie tyrants that have unwisely sought to bust up deals in the past. I am referring to a group that thinks they should be allowed to control OTHER people’s land while their own is somehow sacred. When it comes to their own land, they are fierce libertarians. When it comes to their neighbor’s land, they are communist.

      Due to the aggressive mob-like behavior of a handful of Woodstockers in recent years, investors are increasingly reluctant to form partnerships with local citizens, especially at the start of projects. Those who show up ranting and shouting at community meetings are the most embarrassing among us. Going forward, investors are going to buy whatever properties they want and then do whatever they want with it in accordance with the law, as is their right. No more open collaboration with you and your ilk because it would be insane for a developer to try unless they don’t mind giving over land to you. So, Margaret, go ahead and cynically complain (without even knowing the details) about the Center for Photography’s property sale but you and your crew have brought this on our community for years. Every one of the small “victories” in blocking growth in this town has lead to further alienation of common citizens and those investing in business in the area (some of whom ARE fellow citizens).

      Also, I can’t help but notice that this crowd seems to be only concerned about development near their own properties, which of course are sacred ground. This small “anti-development” mob stinks of selfish protectionism and intolerance. Times are changing, as they always do. And this town never really was whatever it is you are trying to preserve.

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