Federal relief funds for Woodstock employees, social programs

The Woodstock town government will use some federal COVID-19 relief funds to give bonuses to employees who worked during the height of the pandemic. The funds will also provide $150,000 for social programs.

Around 80 town employees are eligible to get up to $2000 each in bonuses provided they worked between April 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021. The roughly $95,000 for the bonuses and $150,000 for other programs comes from money paid to Woodstock through the American Rescue Plan. Woodstock expects to get just under $600,000. The bonus amounts will be based on hours worked not including overtime and payments will start with the first pay period in September.

“The town of Woodstock employees were exceptional in maintaining office hours so as to serve the community” and “maintained open offices in all departments to serve the public throughout the public health emergency,” said a resolution authorizing the funds.


The resolution also authorizes $50,000 to go to Family of Woodstock for mental health and substance abuse programs. Family will need to present a plan to the town in order to receive the money, Supervisor Bill McKenna said.

Another $50,000 will go toward a yet-to-be-determined affordable housing project and $50,000 will go toward a rent and utility subsidy program.

If the state comes up with a plan to disburse rental assistance, the $50,000 will be diverted to one of the other programs, McKenna said.

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