Antique vehicles gather at Saugerties’ Cantine Field

Patrick Florak’s1969 Chevrolet. (Photos by David Gordon)

What better way to spend a sunny Sunday than to look at cars – historic, modified or just beautifully preserved. The Saugerties Antique Auto Club’s display at Cantine Field on Sunday, August 8, offered a good variety of all these, plus some beautifully maintained, if in no way exotic, later-model vehicles. Laurie and Rich Haruden of South Rondout shared their pop-up canopy with Jesse and Irene Tyler of St. Remy.

Referring to the Haruden’s entry in the show, Laurie Haruden noted that their 1969 Ford Mustang was worth more than their new car. They do take the classic car out for drives, she said, but never for shopping, as it could be hit in the parking lot.

One of the odder entries was a 1948 Willys Jeep. The front end was extensively modified, with the front wheel way out ahead of the fenders.  “That’s the first Jeep I’ve ever seen with the wheels extended out like that,” said Fred Kurtz of Hurley. “The frame is extended like that for stability.”


Kurtz said the Saugerties Antique Car Club donates generously to causes in the town, as do many of the sponsors of automobile shows.

Dave Koehle’s 1919 Chevrolet.

Many of the exhibitors worked to make the old cars look and run like new, rather than customize them or replace their engines with more powerful units. For instance, Joe Bisignano took pride in the fact that every part on his Chevy pickup was original equipment, save for the bed of the truck, which was rusted beyond repair. The replacement, what appeared to be a polished wooden floor, added a bit of luxury to this otherwise perfect replica of a machine built for hard work.

If you can’t afford the pricey restored antiques or souped-up hotrods, the solution could be one of the stands selling models of the big cars, ready to be customized.

A background soundtrack was provided by DJ Brian, who offered announcements of events during the day, information about other car shows in the vicinity and music.

Bertucci’s 1948 Willys Jeep.

Joe Bisignano with his 1952 Ford pickup truck.

Row of cars.

’64 Ford Galaxy.