Letter: Risk Avoidance 

With all this talk about the dangers of vaccines, including death, I decided to do a little research. I found that studies have been done in both the US and Japan indicating a surprising number of people die while bathing. In the US, it is estimated over 300 people die each year in the tub. Clearly this is a dangerous activity, so, even though it may inconvenience my family, friends and neighbors, I will be taking steps to reduce my exposure to this risk. Because, you know, it’s all about me.

Furthermore, I discovered that about 450 people die annually from falling out of bed. Until I can figure out a way to avoid going to sleep every night, I guess I’ll just continue to wear a mask.

Phil Bishop
New Paltz 

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  1. Intel

    The company offering virus alarms is called “Opteev” and is located in Maryland. Apparently the Daily Freeman will not inform the public such technology exists and is available. A $799 investment for a room can help us advance to a more aggressive stage of eradication. There’s obviously a clampdown on both the Federal and now NYS Covid response efforts as some want to revert back to simply letting all the unvaccinated people die. I’m not resigned to letting this become endemic as Gottlieb is. I still think we can win and I’m not going to be quiet and let my fellow citizens be sentenced to death because the slow folks can’t keep up. Endemic circulation of this will steadily lower life expectancy around the globe every year. It’s a recipe for global instability. It’s not just us here in this country our efforts affect.

  2. Intel

    The original estimates from the Pentagon were that mitigation and treatment could reduce the death count to 200,000. Without any it was 2,000,000 dead. Now at over 600,000 dead is not the time to stop fighting and throw in the towel.

  3. Joyce

    Wear a mask.
    Get a vaccine.

    All the false talk of “my right not to…” is what seperates stupid from the majority of us.
    It’s time to mandate vaccine passes for entry to most things and force the ludites to step in line.

    You have the right to jump off a bridge or run in front of an on-coming train or even drink bleach
    …but would you? Only if you’re stupid.

  4. Victor E. OfThePeople

    I got my series of Moderna shots, and recently got a 3rd. I am NOT wearing a mask PERIOD!

    1. Bill H

      Thank you for getting vaccinated. Please reconsider wearing a mask, at least in crowded places, in order to protect others/ store the spread.

      How did you get a booster already?

  5. Captain Trips

    Where did you get a third, since, I thought, no third ”booster” has been certified, nor emergency cleared yet. President Biden just asked the CDC, too clear it, a third booster shot, last night. Dr. Fauci stated, justvthis morning, that they are ready too distribute both Physer and Moederna booster vaccines, once they receive emergency clearance, and He added that, it most likely will be given 8 weeks after your second shots two week incubation period, so ten weeks after your second shot, too seventy five year olds first, and those with underlying corpse morbidities. So, you are seventy five or older, and/or have those morbidity issues, and got a hold of black market, unapproved booster shot. How and where did you get an unapproved booster shot vaccine? Unless, you are from another country.

  6. Captain Trips

    Excuse me, I typo’d the word ”weeks” instead of ”months”, in my above post. Dr. Fauci stated ”eight
    too eight and a half months, not weeks, after your second shot. My third booster, at earliest, if eligible by age or health issues, will not until December, early January, according to Dr. Fauci.

    On a second note, if you are vaccinated, even umpteen times with these vaccines, and their booster shot’s, you still can become contagious, not even sick, and transmit this deadly, and ever mutating virus too others, and even still get sick. Mask wearing, unfortunately is very, very important, and must continue, by both the vaccinated and unvaccinated. If you do not, you are just an uninformed and ignorant, jerk.

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