Apologies to Tai Burnette

On January 7, 2016, the former subsidiary of Ulster Publishing, the Woodstock Times, published a paid-for advertisement in the form of an “open letter” in which personal attacks and accusations were made against Tai Burnette, although unnamed she was clearly the target individual. Ulster Publishing, through its owner and publisher, Geddy Svekiauskus, as well as the Woodstock Times editor, Brian Hollander, and other employees, erred in publishing that paid advertisement – the substance of which was not vetted and if it had been vetted it would not have been published. The paid advertisement should never have been published.

As part of a confidential, out-of-court settlement, Ulster Publication offers its formal and sincerest apologies to Tai Burnette, the person against whom personal attacks were made in the paid advertisement, and further apologizes for any harm and damages the publication caused Ms. Burnette, as well as her family, friends and business associates.