SUNY New Paltz tightens mask policy for fall semester

On July 31, Hudson Valley One published an article headlined, “Masks optional for vaxxed students at SUNY New Paltz this fall,” with a caveat toward the end noting, “These updated protocols are subject to change as COVID-19-related conditions evolve.” And change they did, almost immediately, reflecting the rapid flux in the state of transmission of the highly contagious Delta variant of the virus. As of presstime, in response to worsening COVID statistics countywide, masks will now be required inside campus facilities for all students arriving for the fall semester, vaccinated or not.

“On August 3, Ulster County’s transmission rate rose into the CDC’s ‘substantial’ category, meaning the CDC’s indoor masking recommendation now applies in New Paltz,” says an update to college guidelines released on August 6. “Following the CDC guidance, SUNY New Paltz is exercising its discretion to restore the on-campus indoor mask requirement for everyone, including those who are fully vaccinated, effective immediately and into the beginning of the Fall 2021 semester. As conditions evolve, we may make further changes this fall.”

Per the newest guidelines, “Students who live on campus do not need to wear masks in their rooms or suites, though they should wear masks in other shared areas of their residence halls.” Protocols for enforcing compliance with the policy, both for students and for staff, are currently being developed.


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  1. Intel

    You’re still operating on the premise that air flow will be maintained at 30 ACH for all common indoor areas. That’s not going to work too well when the weather gets cooler. We have to advance to the next stage of isolating the unvaccinated and using newer airborne virus detection systems amongst the vaccinated. Failing to advance this battle against Covid and just accepting deaths is wrong. It’s regressive and destructive. Just like asymptomatic,contact, airborne and spread by the vaccinated I will be proven right and all you regressives will feel more stupid. After 18 months of this you should just give up. Just advance to post pandemic strategies now put this thing behind us. All you do by arguing against me and delaying these strategies is kill more people. The purpose of having a County Health Department is to protect life. Two Virginia Counties have stepped up.

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