Letter: Cyclists, pedestrians at risk

There have been two bicyclists killed by vehicles in the City of Kingston in the past two years. Yet the mayor and the City Council insist on going forward with the ridiculously dangerous bike lane on Broadway from People’s Place to the YMCA. This lane will definitely hurt Broadway businesses, who need safe curbside parking for their customers. But more importantly, it will put the lives of bicyclists and pedestrians at risk.

I call on Mayor Noble and the Common Council to cancel this dangerous Broadway bike lane, which will take away the ability of shoppers to park in front of these businesses and put Kingstonians at risk for lawsuits and for our lives.

Ralph Mitchell

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  1. Chris

    What are you suggesting as an alternative Ralph? Broadway needs some sort of bike lane. Are there specific improvements you’d like to see?

    1. Karl Von Drais

      Why does Broadway need a bike lane? There is no other way around? If it does not work, you can not force it, too work. That will only cause, chaos, hurt, pain, destruction, and death. Does Broadway need a bike lane that bad? Taxi’s still run in Kingston, don’t they? If you need too go too Broadway, and only own a bike, walk or take a cab.

      1. Chris

        Yes Broadway needs a bike lane. It is the only way to directly travel cross town. Broadway does NOT need 2 car lanes. It is cars that are causing the chaos, hurt, pain, destruction, and death. Drivers will survive without a lane. Cyclists may not!

        1. Karl Von Drais

          You would not put a bike lane on the Thruway, right? And, why because; it would be much too dangerous. Maybe certain places can not have playful bicycles, where there are cars, trucks, and the daily traffic of commerce first, such as, let us say, the Thruway, and a busy street as Broadway. Maybe another way around is more in order for those having fun on bicycles. Where as, cars have adult business to attend to, that is first, if a fun little bicycle route is possible in some towns and cities, and then maybe in some, as here; not so much. The cars, trucks, mail, ambulances, police, etc., etc., ad naseum, are far more important in every aspect, than a children’s bicycle route. Stop forcing such silliness, or those kids on bicycles will die.

  2. Karl Von Drais

    So, please; if I may, Chris, I certainly am not making any such statement, as too harm children. Contrarily, I am discussing, the fact that, children use bicycle path’s, and if that path is: a) Not well thought out, and forced into a heavy vehicle traffic zone, such as the Thruway, or of we speak here;

    Or, b) in fact, since placed, has seen severe upticks in accidents, bodily harm, and most importantly death’s, as, I believe, we also have seen here. My point is more about placing something new, in a location, that already has heavy traffic flow, then maybe A WAY AROUND, WOULD BE MORE PRUDENT AND SAFER.

    BILL H., I am not arguing the use of bike path’s, or that they in fact make it safer for everyone. My point, again, is in the detail’s, of this particular bike path, and whether it, though full of good intention, may be perilous in truth. In fact, I am all for bicycle’s, after all, I invented them.

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