Mayor announces new Covid protocols for City of Kingston staff and offices

Kingston Mayor Steven Noble announced today that new Covid protocols will be put into place for City of Kingston buildings and staff starting Monday, August 8.

Due to an escalation in Covid-19 cases in the City of Kingston and Ulster County and in consultation with State and local health officials, all unvaccinated City of Kingston employees will be required to undergo weekly Covid-19 testing. In addition, all visitors to city buildings will be required to sign-in before entering, and unvaccinated visitors will be required to wear a mask. Municipal buildings remain fully open to the public at this time.

“We are following closely the recommendations of local and national health officials, and are doing our part to protect city staff and the public from Coronavirus, especially the rapidly-spreading Delta variant,” said Mayor Noble. “These new protocols are for the protection of our employees and all visitors to city buildings, and we ask the public’s cooperation in following these new guidelines.”


The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended all individuals wear a mask indoors based on recent case counts in Ulster County. At this time, State, County and local government are not mandating masks outside of municipal buildings but are sharing the recommendations from the CDC.

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  1. Intel

    I concur with Dr. Wen that weekly testing is insufficient to prevent transmission as the length of time is too long to catch a contagious person before they spread it. It needs to be twice weekly to adequately provide protection for workers. A Monday and Friday routine can effectively distinguish between weekday vs weekend contraction and make contact tracing more effective.

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