Letter: Restore the mask mandate

Recently, we learned that at least one Ulster County resident had tested positive for the Delta variant of Covid-19. From all I have read, the Delta variant spreads very quickly. It is not only impacting the unvaccinated, but also the fully vaccinated. I have two children who are not yet old enough to be vaccinated. My family wears masks anytime we go to work, or the store etc. We do our part to keep our youngest safe. We do our part to keep those in the community that are immune-compromised safe. We are all fully vaccinated.

Now that we know Delta is here, Governor Cuomo should reinstate the mask mandate. Our youngest are at risk to become very sick. Our community members who are immune-compromised, even if they are fully vaccinated, can be hospitalized with the Delta variant. Our community needs a mask mandate.

Sara Bear
New Paltz

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  1. Amy Fradon

    I completely agree with the writer of this letter. We are in this health crisis together. Wearing masks is the simplest way to prevent the spread of germs. My family didn’t even catch a cold last year because we wore masks. Amazing. It’s a positive thing to do and it’s the community-minded thing to do. I am dismayed at the conflict that has been set up in this country about mask-wearing being a freedom. Freedom is not a part of this equation. Face Masks for public health are a lovely and effective way of preventing transmissible, air-born germs. And BTW…they became a fun fashion statement while we helped protect each other and ourselves. Please my fellow citizens, please ponder your motives for resisting using a mask. No-one is trying to limit your freedom. We want you and ourselves to NOT CATCH COVID. That’s it.

  2. Jaymes Nohns

    Some people just love to keep it going….whats next? A toilet paper shortage? Eventually this is going to lead to a disaster……..

    1. Bill H

      Where a reasonable person can see masks as contributing to recovery, Nohns sees them leading to “disaster.” A conveniently nondescript disaster, I’ll point out. He routinely bluffs having knowledge that we are not privy to, but then parrots QAnon level nonsense.

  3. Joe S.

    Just wear the mask and get vaccinated, stay home, nobody says you have to leave your house. Stay home, you can get everything delivered.

    Again Science wins again, the vaccines protect against all variants. So get vaccinated, if you have young children and you are scared stay home. You don’t have to leave the house.

  4. FunkieGunkie

    Get a grip, folks. There are more people dying of heart disease, cancer, pneumonia, and diabetes at this moment. How come we are not concerned with that? Also, the Delta variant is not spreading like wildfire like mainstream media wants you to believe. Getting an experimental gene therapy that has not been thoroughly tested and is already injuring people in the hundreds of thousands is not going to save anyone. Please take responsibility for your health. Do not think your doctor, the government, or any pharmaceutical company has your best interest in mind. It is not their responsibility to keep you healthy, it is your responsibility. 100% yours.

  5. Joe S.


    Reading your comment, I have to say you come off as Quon crazy. Let me break it down for you and I’ll try not to use big words to help you out.

    The Vaccine is not gene therapy, While the messenger RNA they employ is a type of genetic material, the vaccines differ from what is typically thought of as gene therapy in that they do not change the DNA inside cells.

    MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS have gotten it and guess what it works BETTER than expected. So much so IF you actually got Covid it would be mild, which is what a vaccine is supposed to do. Of course, there are edge cases and blah blah blah, so if you want to focus on the edge cases then well your just low intelligence and there is no helping you.

    Again get the vaccine, it works, if you are still scared then I suggest you seek a mental health counselor and stay home, and shelter in place, you and your family. Children rarely die from covid, they get mild cases at best. The leading experts in the diseases area all ready saying at some point getting covid will be like getting chicken pox 40 yrs ago a right of passage.

    So one more time get the vaccine, if you are scared stay home, shelter in place, and seek mental health counselor. The rest of us vaccinated citizens will go about our business like normal. It’s a choice get vaccinated and don’t worry or worry and don’t get vaccinated, or worry and stay home for like 2 more years.

    1. Jaymes Nohns

      You mean the vaccine that they are bribing people take? No thanx……you can keep your “Chocit, Chocit Chip ice cream……my body, my choice…..your vaccine will work just fine if I dont get one…….its not my body your choice……sorry to tell you, but thats how it works……

      1. Bill H

        Where a reasonable person would see and incentive, Nohns sees a “bribe.” Bribery is a crime in which one unlawfully offers a benefit or incentive to a public servant in order to get some benefit from that public servant in return. Stewarts offering free ice cream to encourage more people to get a vaccine is certainly not bribery. Hey, but what does QANohns care about that?

        I also think it is very ironic that QANohns has borrowed from the radical feminist movement of a half century ago in order to make his selfish, ultra conservative point about his liberty. “My body, my choice.” Cute. But since he is asking, I can think of three ways in which the refusal to get vaccinated impacts others.

        1. In many parts of the country, the unvaccinated are filling up ICUs (99% of those severely ill or dying from Covid are unvaccinated), thereby unnecessarily occupying beds that are needed for other life-saving procedures.

        2. Our children, who are not yet able to be vaccinated, are counting on us to eradicate the virus before new strains develop which might very well make our children sick. We need to wipe out the virus, not learn to live with it, before it finds a way into our younger populations.

        3. The unvaccinated getting sick and dying in large numbers will further slow our economic recovery and tax our economy with unnecessary health care costs. We tax payers will cover their bills, or they will unnecessarily drive up health care premiums.

        QANohns will undoubtedly argue back with aggressive tough-guy nonsense and Trumpish falsehoods, but I hope there are others who will see some reason here.

        1. Jaymes Nohns

          Again…..a 99.95% survival rate……why do they want this vaccine in you so bad? You havent asked yourself this question? Why? Why the urge to jab you with something that is not even FDA approved, for something that is statistically survivable? ……so….the other day, Biden was still on his favorite ice cream tour of the US…..he had a waffle cone of clearly vanilla ice cream. When asked by yet again, another staged question, about what ice cream he was eating….he responded by saying…”Chocolate, chocolate chip.” So you mean to tell me, your spokesperson for the vaccine, who doesnt even know what he is eating, is what you are listening to? Bill H, I would hope to think you are smarter than that…..so please, dont tell me I need to take a vaccine that you clearly know nothing about…you can have your “Chocolate, chocolate chip” ……life will go on as soon as tje clown is removed from office……we didnt have all this turmoil when Trump was in office……

          1. Bill H

            “……we didnt have all this turmoil when Trump was in office……”

            Lol. This is the funniest thing I have heard a Trumper say. It’s a good example of how there really is no way even a moderate can meet a Trumper in the middle.

        2. FunkieGunkie

          Bill H, you seem extremely paranoid and uninformed? Does this have anything to do with watching television and listening to the corrupt media and government agencies that have never spent a dime promoting good health?

          1. Bill H

            Extremely paranoid? I am certainly not arguing that the government is using vaccinations to control us, or put chips in us, or magnetize us. Let’s see if you can explain your position (instead of making silly generalizations about mine) without coming across as paranoid. Go ahead, try to explain what informs your position on vaccines. I’ll warn you, it is much harder than making broad statements about me and television.

    2. FunkieGunkie

      Your condescending and know-it-all attitude makes you lose all credibility. I have to say you have it so wrong it’s sad. Only the scared people are getting the shot. It’s not a vaccine, legally or medically. Who is Quon? Have you wondered about the efficacy? 95% they say. But wait you can still get it which makes taking the shot useless. I’ll rely on my immune system. Thanks for your nonsense. I don’t need bribes or coercion to make up my mind either.

      1. Bill H

        First, let me say that I am aware that many people cannot get vaccinated for legitimate medical reasons and age restrictions, and that nothing I write below in any way is directed toward them. Those folks have my prayers.

        FG, I don’t mind that I have lost credibility with you. And forgive my condescension, or rather exasperation, because folks who refuse to be vaccinated espouse political beliefs and a willful rejection, or misinterpretation, of all things science to justify such refusal. There’s is not forgivable ignorance stemming from simply not knowing something, it is WILLFUL ignorance out of fealty for self centered ideologies. The willfully unvaccinated can’t admit that a scumbag charlatan like Donald Trump or Tucker Carlson has actually whipped up believers into a frenzy of political nonsense.

        A line of rhetorical questions: What does you doctor advise you to do? I mean YOUR doctor? And has your doctor ever lied to you, or revealed him/herself to be a lemming blinded by partisan politics?

        By all accounts 95-99% of the folks filling up ICUs in covid hot spots around the country are UNvaccinated people. Yes, vaccinated people are getting the Delta strain of covid, but those that do are only getting mildly ill. That means that vaccine works to at least save lives and keep people from the ICU. How people like you, FG, refuse to acknowledge this fact is why I write with conservation. The unvaccinated are on ventilators and many are dying en mass. The vaccinated who do get covid are mildly ill at worst (yes, there are a few anomalies, which FoxNews will happily present in every instance). Check out the crisis in Jacksonville, Florida.

        This is no longer a matter of an individual’s personal choice not to listen to their doctor. Or not to listen to science. To interpret the overwhelming scientific evidence that proves these vaccines work, and common sense itself, is no longer a simple matter of personal choice for people in many parts of our country. Idiots refusing to get vaccinated when they are physically able to do so is exactly who are filling up ICUs in places like Jacksonville. They are literally why people with other life-threatening emergencies are not able to get the medical help they need.

        We happen to live in a region that is somewhat insulated right now, so it is easy to stubbornly refuse a vaccine. I hope that remains the case, I really do, but if ICU beds start filling, they will certainly be dominated by jack-asses that chose to believe divisive TV entertainers like Tucker Carlson over a vast world of reason, including their own damned doctors. Good luck with your immune system alone, FG. I do hope it works for you.

        But consider the ICU doctor who has been in national news lately for talking about how devastating it is to have to routinely explain to unvaccinated critically ill covid patients who are begging for the vaccine that it is too late. And consider the victim suffering a heart attack that is being treated in a bed in the hallway due to so many jack-ass covid victims that are busy asphyxiating for political reasons. It’s insane that so many just won’t get it until it hits home. Read about all the stubborn minds that have changed when it hits home, when it’s too late.

        1. FunkieGunkie

          First, I do not have a doctor, I haven’t used allopathic medicine in at least 25 years (I’m 47). Second, aside from emergency medicine from an accident, I do NOT subscribe to western sick care that everyone gets ripped off by (ie. hospitals & Insurance companies). I get more effective treatments through Chinese medicine and Acupuncture, which by the way is cheaper than medical insurance by far. As an advocate for friends and family who were hospitalized or treated for Lyme, cancer, MS, HIV, Hepatitis C, diabetes, leaky gut, neuropathy, etc. I saw how people get treated by doctors first hand. It doesn’t surprise me either that medical malpractice is the third-largest reason for death in this country.

          In regards to this Jab that the gov’t is bribing and coercing everyone to take:
          1. It is NOT FDA approved and you are the clinical trial (planned trial endpoint is May 2023).
          2. It has never been used on humans before this Plandemic.
          3. CDC says RT-PCR test results cannot distinguish between influenza and COVID. 4. CDC also says people who got the shot can also transmit and get COVID.
          5. The criminal track records of the companies involved are pathetic (this is easliy verifiable because there are so many lawsuits).

          Anyone who gets the shot at this point in time needs their head examined.

          But hey keep watching television and the news for your information, because 75% of their advertising is drugs and the other 25% is junk food. They must really have your best interest in mind.

          Lastly, your idea of NOT having a personal choice for experimental medical treatments is absurd and goes against the Constitution and every freedom we hold.



  6. Steven L. Fornal

    Jaymes Nohns, you clearly have stopped educating yourself re COVID. You mention the survival rate. You do not, however include in your calculations the long term effects of COVID that are still coming to light; the damage to organs and the brain.

    This is a test run. Wait until very deadly virus comes along, like the Bubonic Plague did back in the Dark Ages. You’ll see a distinctly different survival rate, one that will devastate the human race.

    Are you going to be a part of the fight against such a scourge? Or are you going to be the cause of it?

    1. Bill H

      SL, I noticed his point about the survival rate. First, he made up the 99.9% number. He also calls covid, “statistically survivable,” which has no meaning (and yet it sounds so reasonable to those that wish to believe it). And that’s about as far as he will go in the realm of statistics. It is ok for him that 610,000 Americans, and counting, have died of covid, and countless will suffer permanent organ damage and long term effects of the illness, as you mentioned in your post. To date, 53,220 have died in New York State. The goal of the vaccination effort, which is clearly working by all measures, is to stop those very real statistical numbers from growing.

    2. FunkieGunkie

      The government nor you have any idea of the long-term side effects of the SHOT. It is still being administered to the public at the same time as clinical trials.

  7. BS

    Within thirty days, the three main vaccines, will have final approval. They only lacked administrative protocols, in the final stages of medical approval. This can be anywhere from six month’s, or so, too up to several years. The three administered covid-19 nominal virus vaccines, had all passed full test trials, and now a billion people world-wide that, have been fully vaccinated, and 3.8 billion with at least one dose. There have been less than five-thousand cases of serious side effect, and under two thousand associated deaths. It is the most efficient, safest medication or vaccine ever created. With a less than .000,000,001 chance of serious side effect or death, again, that is Less than a one hundred millionth of a percent chance of serious side effect or death. It is safe beyond any drug, or vaccination ever created.

    Now, once they are fully vetted, and certifed within the month, (Six more vaccines will be fully certified by years end, they each did not have emergency distribution) then the government can keep the unvaccinated from anywhere, private or public, where the vaccinated are allowed. That means no schools, college, federal, state, and local government buildings, parks, beaches, museums,etc., stores, bars, concerts, sports venues, anywhere pretty much, but your own property. The vaccinated citizenship, along with their government, will be able to hold, legally, the unvaccinated for wrongful death, and other civil and criminal matters of law. The NFL is doing it, if a team has an unvaccinatd player, and anyone on that team contracts covid-19, the team goes under covid protocols, however, the games they miss will be forfeits. If the team is completely vaccinated, the game will be re-played, or made a push for both teams, if necessary. So, any team with unvaccinated players, is taking a risk of a losing season. Do you think, any NFL team is going to keep anyone unvaccinated on their squad?

    That is how it will be, on everything, after the vaccines are certified. The government, and the vaccinated, will have “Full Legal Ground and Standing” over the unvaccinated. And, they will have Constitutional right, and you can not lose in court, with the good ol’ Constitution behind ya’.

    Yes, you have free will, and can not be forced to get vaccinated, however, we can take it all away, just like that, if you do not. It will be under the guise of a public emergency, and that’s it, all the power the government will need. Those who are not getting vaccinated, and making false statements, will be banned from social outlets, legally. It is going to be quite an awakening, for those who refuse this fully vetted, safe, life saving, and miracle vaccine

      1. BS

        Could, or would you please elaborate further; as just making a blanket, false statement, as such, means nothing too no one, so, further thought process would be needed too make your post of any worth, so are you capable of more than sopmoric, and middle school-ish, childlike name calling?

        Can you use fact, and words too solidify your little unintelligent, invective vituperation?

        What, and you are not insane?

    1. Bill H

      BS, thanks for the information. Hopefully this alleviates some of the fears out there about getting the vaccine. As the covid numbers rise again in Ulster County, there really is only one reasonable way to eradicate it, which is the vaccine coupled with reasonable precautions.

      I have noticed that Nohns argued that the FDA has not approved the vaccines and therefore they are not proven effective/safe, so the info you provide should be very encouraging for folks like him.

  8. Patchman

    Vaccination is a Freedom of Choice. I believe we are ALL on the same page here. We live in the land of the Free. Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion , you get the idea… But of late …there is a crushing, the heel of the boot ..towards any talk.. Look at whats happening on social media , either get along to go along or… a deep crushing to All dissent on the choice to be vaccinated or not.. A dissension, a bias. Divide and conquer.. In a Free Society one has a choice ,forced vaccination would violate that choice and a individual right to that choice.

    1. BS

      You all have the freedom of choice, however, always remember that; each choice, bears, each, it’s individual and ULTIMATE consequences. And, that, freedoms are government given, and in as such, can be and are restrictive by that same entity.

  9. Roadshow Magic.

    If you value your freedom, you’ll value your health.

    And if you value your health, and wish to protect yourself against a virus that has already killed 610,000 Americans thus far, you’ll get vaccinated and wear a mask indoors when needed.

    If these suggestions strike some people as too much of an effort, or simply seem inconvenient, you should remind yourself how much you truly cherish your freedom. And this is especially true if we wish to experience the freedoms that only a long and healthy life can ensure. It’s really that simple.

    As it has often been said: “Freedom isn’t free.”

    The good news is that the Covid-19 vaccines work. They’re over 95% effective. And are they’re protecting us against the Delta variant, despite a small number of breakthrough cases, which is too be expected when a vaccine is not 100%.

    Please protect your health and get vaccinated today.

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