Vaccinated Ulster resident tests positive for Delta strain of Covid-19

According to Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan, the county was notified today that a vaccinated Ulster County resident tested positive for the Delta strain of COVID-19, which appears to be more transmissible and likely to infect already-vaccinated individuals.

“This incident is a critical reminder that while we have made great strides in fighting this virus, we are not out of the woods yet,” said Ryan. “I ask that all residents remain vigilant and proactive to blunt any further spread of the virus. We are happy to report that the positive resident has since recovered, the fact that they were vaccinated likely spared them from the worst impacts of the variant. I encourage everyone to continue to get vaccinated and we must continue to take all precautions necessary, even if you are vaccinated, to stop any further spread of COVID-19.”

As of today, there are 19 active cases in Ulster County, down from a high of 2622 on January 30 of this year. Of the 18 and over population, 72.7 percent have received at least one vaccine dose, and 62.9 percent of the total Ulster population has received at least one dose.


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  1. Joe S.

    Actually, it worked great that is why he already recovered but you keep thumping that science is wrong or whatever. I mean here are some news flashes in case you missed it, the Earth is round, Gravity is real, and guess what Vaccines work and DO NOT cause Autism, I know I know your shocked but welcome to 2021!

    1. Jaymes Nohns

      So, does that mean everytime you turn around, you will need a new vaccine for every “strain” there is? New warnings on Moderna and Pfizer vaccines……can be read by all…..including yourself. Dont you find it weird that that the new “strain” coincides with Biden not meeting his vaccine goal for the 4th of July, and the result of election fraud in Arizona, soon to be announced? “Nothing to see here folks, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain”……Look this way….not that way…….c’mon man…..

      1. Bill H

        QAnon still got your attention? Yes, and getting the vaccine will cause you to be magnetic. C’mon man… Think about it. It’s all a deep conspiracy to make us lemmings magnetic.

    2. Donna H

      I agree. Science is great. Yes, I had 1 vaccine and had covid. It was very mild, no fever, no cough, no aches, a couple sneezes and what seemed to be allergies. I had a routine test which was a work requirement or I would not have known I had covid, until the complete loss of taste and smell set in and stayed a few weeks. I believe the vaccine – and only the first one at that- seems to work exactly as it should. I also exposed a few people who did not get covid, so hopefully the vaccine helped make me less contagious. I believe the less covid spreading around the less chance we have of developing more mutations. I know that is hard for some people to understand – that if they can help keep a virus from spreading they can help the people who have compromised health not get sick. I read so many comments that a good immune system is all it takes to survive something, I just wonder how they are so sure they have one and do they not really care about friends and family who do not. I thought we are our brother’s keepers? As for the non-tested? Seriously? I have a brother-in-law who tested it. I am pretty sure he isn’t the only one.

  2. Igor

    Authorities should listen to WHO warnings and return warning masks at least in grocery shops. Data from England and Israel shows that vaccination is not enough against Dalta-COVID.

  3. Joe Schmoe

    The article said “which appears to be more transmissible and likely to infect already-vaccinated individuals”

    so…………………………………. .-.

  4. Joe S.

    Ok, first the Moderna/Pfizer may last for years, so yeah a booster in 3 yrs. They also work BETTER against all variants, Igor you want to wear a mask then wear one, believe me when I say nobody will stop you. So SCIENCE shows us that the Vaccines work, Work longer than expected and better than expected.

    Here is the kicker the unvaccinated are getting sick and going to the hospital NOT the vaccinated, I mean you don’t have to be Steven Hawkins to figure it out. This is a Free country (I know some of you that are a shock but it is) and if you choose not to get vaccinated, you could get sick and go to the hospital called…help me out… cmon. Personal Responsibility yes you made the choice and now you suffer.

    Really if your that scared I say stay home, stay home and hide. You don’t need to leave your house you can get whatever you need to be delivered. I mean the less stupid, scared, small-minded, nonscience people wandering around the better.

  5. andrew cowan

    The statement that the Delta virus is more likely to infect already vaccinated people is NOT correct and in fact opposite of what the scientific facts, reports are at this point.

  6. Jan Baer

    Freedom is not allowed at the expense of others. “Freedom” not to be vaccinated becomes a decision that may very well hurt others. Science has been right here, and conspiracy theories about the vaccines have been perpetrated by people who have their own agendas to stir up the Trump “base,” some of whom have actually had the vaccine.

    1. Jaymes Nohns

      If you are vaccinated, why are you worried about me being unvaccinated……you should be good, no? Its my body my choice right?

  7. Bill H

    The newest Delta variant is spreading quickly and the unvaccinated are unnecessarily filling ICUs. 99% of U.S. Covid deaths in June were unvaccinated people. That trend will continue as Covid infections are rising again. While the vaccines may not keep you from becoming infected with Covid, they will keep you from getting severely ill… and becoming dead. Get vaccinated, if for no other reason that to keep from clogging our ICUs with entirely unnecessary illness. Someone else, with unavoidable medical needs will need that bed. It’s time for folks to stop being selfish and get vaccinated. Even if it does make you magnetic, or come with a government surveillance chip, or might make you believe a little more in a Democratic leader. Any of those is way better than an unnecessary ICU experience. Image the ICU healthcare provider’s face when you eek out between labored breaths that you refused to get vaccinated.

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