Kingston construction update

Construction on Broadway in Kingston. (Photo by Dion Ogust)

Kingston mayor Steve Noble has provided an update on the various construction projects currently underway in the City of Kingston. The projects along the Broadway corridor, including the I-587 roundabout, Broadway streetscape, the emergency sewer repairs and the Broadway/Grand intersection realignment, combined make up an over $25 million investment in the center of the community. Of the four major projects, the majority of construction work will be wrapping up by the end of the summer.

The I-587 roundabout project is funded and operated by the New York State Department of Transportation and is designed to reduce delays and improve safety for all travelers. While minimizing impact to area residents and businesses, the roundabout will preserve parking capacity, enhance economic vitality, protect the historical character of the area and provide a gateway into the City of Kingston.

Construction began in 2020, and after several temporary configurations, is now in the final construction phase. Night work to pave the roundabout project area is tentatively scheduled for July 12 and 13. Construction is expected to be completed by the end of July. Landscaping and tree-planting will occur in the September planting season. The total investment is $11,890,426.


The Broadway streetscape project renovates and rejuvenates Broadway from the I-587 roundabout project to Grand Street and will include new ADA-accessible sidewalks, a dedicated bicycle lane, many amenities including new light poles, 76 healthy street trees, 22 benches, 23 trash/recycling cans, 28 bike racks and paving of the entire project area. This portion of Broadway also makes connections on the Kingston Greenline and Empire State Trail.

Construction began in 2020 with new sidewalks on the west side of Broadway and currently continues on the east side of Broadway. All sidewalk construction is expected to be completed in early August. Additional amenities will be added in August, and the project will culminate in paving. The entire project is expected to be completed by September 15. The total investment is $9,133,248.

The emergency Broadway sewer project installs new sanitary sewer pipes to replace old, failing sewer lines along Broadway from Cedar Street to James Street. Construction, which began in February 2021, required significant lane changes and no parking in the project area so that the deteriorating sewer system below Broadway could be accessed. Reconstruction of the area has begun and paving of the project area will occur in the next couple of weeks. The project is expected to be completed by July 2. The total investment is $2,800,000.

The Broadway/Grand intersection realignment project will redesign the intersection of Broadway, Grand Street, Pine Grove Avenue and Prince Street to improve traffic safety for motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians and included the demolition of the former Planet Wings building. The intersection is currently confusing and difficult to navigate. The realignment will allow an opportunity for the community to conceptualize uses for the newly created public green space. Construction is expected to begin on July 9 and will dovetail with the Broadway streetscape work. The intersection will be configured into the new design by mid-October, and the project is expected to be completed by October 31. Due to materials shortage, light poles in the project area are expected to be installed by the end of the year. The total investment is $1,525,000.

“These projects make up the single biggest investment to infrastructure in the City of Kingston’s long history,” said Mayor Noble. “We are not only improving vital infrastructure, but we are creating an attractive and inviting gateway to our City, and providing the Midtown Business District with a beautiful thoroughfare. These projects provide a healthier, safer environment and create more equitable pathways through our City. We know the construction can be frustrating, but this is an important step in the continued revitalization of the neighborhood.”

In addition to all of the roadwork along the Broadway corridor, reconstruction of the Elmendorf Bridge is expected to begin in July and be completed this fall. The project is not expected to cause traffic delays on Broadway. The total projected cost is $1,040,000.

Also in Midtown, Ulster County is currently in construction on the Midtown Linear Park trail, which runs from Kingston Plaza to Cornell Street, adding another $2.5 million investment in the area. The Midtown Linear Park trail will be paved and will also serve as a connector on the Kingston Greenline. Part of the larger Empire State Trail, the Kingston Greenline connects on the west to the O & W Trail and the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail, weaves through the city featuring complete streets, improved sidewalks, bike lanes and linear parks, then connects to the Hudson River Brickyard Trail.

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