Two more plead guilty to asbestos violations at TechCity

Two individuals who worked for a company tasked with removing asbestos from the former IBM buildings in the town of Ulster pleaded guilty yesterday in federal court to violating federal and state regulations intended to prevent human exposure to asbestos.

According to court documents, between 2015 and 2016, Kristofer Landell, 36, and Madeline Alonge, 27, both permitted, and in some cases directed, abatement workers to use illegal methods to remove asbestos from the former IBM site.

According to the DOJ, the site contained over 400,000 square feet of regulated asbestos-containing material, as well as an additional 6,000 linear feet of pipe wrap that also included asbestos.


The department said Along and Landell removed asbestos dry, produced visible emissions of asbestos, and directed work to proceed in areas that were not properly sealed off with “critical barriers,” which are designed to prevent asbestos emissions outside a work area.

Because of the defendants’ and others’ actions, the department said asbestos was released into the surrounding environment.

The pleas follow an earlier guilty plea by Roger Osterhoudt, former TechCity vice president, of criminal negligence for hiring the company A2 Environmental Solutions after being made aware of its illegal practices, as well as conspiracy pleas previously entered by Stephanie Laskin, who owned A2 Environmental Solutions, and Gunay Yakup, who — like Alonge — worked for Laskin as an abatement supervisor.

Landell and Alonge entered guilty pleas to violating the federal conspiracy statute before Hon. Judge McAvoy in Binghamton, New York. Sentencing is currently scheduled for Oct. 6, and Oct. 19, respectively. Both individuals face up to five years in prison, three years supervised release, a $250,000 criminal fine, and may be held liable for providing restitution to any victims.