Letter: Forcing children to wear masks is unnecessary

Face masks are damaging our schoolchildren. Experts have indicated that there has been an alarming increase in emotional, psychological and social problems among schoolchildren – including self-harm and suicide. The rise of these problems coincides directly with the imposition of mask-wearing. Children are being forced to wear cloth face masks, which, according to OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) do not even meet the minimum requirements for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). The definitive mask study was done by Copenhagen University Hospital with over 6,000 subjects, and the results indicated there is no significant benefit from mask-wearing!

Schoolchildren have little, if any, risk of catching or transmitting Covid, and those rare students who do get sick have mild symptoms (and should stay home anyway). The recovery rate from Covid for children is virtually 100 percent. Why then are we forcing them to wear masks, which are clearly exacerbating all of their problems and contributing to their isolation, confusion, fear and anxiety?

Forcing children to wear masks is unnecessary, unconscionable and abusive. Haven’t we inflicted enough damage on our children already? These draconian measures must stop. The children have no voice and no choice. But you and I do! The health and safety of our children is at stake. Please speak out to your local school boards and demand an end to this perverse and useless form of child abuse.


Eli Kassirer
New Paltz

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  1. Stop Lying

    “Forcing children to wear masks is unnecessary, unconscionable and abusive.”

    Are you nuts? Your QAnon Talking Points are showing loud and clear. Do the right thing
    during a global health crisis is nothing near “abusive”. We must wonder if you agree with Marjorie
    Taylor Green that it’s just like the “holocaust”.

    The only thing that’s wrong here is your absolute lying, denial, and curious ignorance.

    Shame on you.
    Get your vax.

    Wear your mask when you are asked to.
    And feel free not to when you’re in places that don’t ask you to.

  2. Jaymes Nohns

    Exactly, if anyone thinks a piece of cloth is going to end a pandemic against a microscopic virus…..well, you might as well put up a chain link fence to keep mosquitoes out of your yard……a little common sense here people……

  3. n0m@n

    Fox News host Tucker Carlson called on listeners to call the police and report those parents who have their children wear masks.

  4. Bill H

    “Children are being forced to wear cloth face masks…” Yes, and they are being forced to eat vegetables, learn to solve problems, and, even worse, to respect their elders. Children are being “forced” to do a lot of things that are good for them, so I agree with the general point. But CLOTH face masks specifically? I call BS. And Kassirer’s false connection between the stark increase in social-emotional problems among our young (an indisputable fact) and them being forced to wear “cloth” face masks, specifically, is absolutely ridiculous. Only someone blinded by their hate of masking up during a plague would see it that way.

    I am once again astonished by the litter of falsehoods in a letter to the editor of this publication. How does such crap get published? Is there anyone looking at this stuff? I can no longer tell if such writers are lying or simply ignorant of the actual facts. For example, one tactic here is to simply state that there is a “definitive” (researchers were careful to state that it is NOT definitive, but somehow it is to Kassirer) Danish study with 6,000 participants and follow it with an outright lie about its conclusions. Or, instead of lie, it is possible that Kassirer did not read the study but took someone else’s dishonest analysis as truth. Folks, please read about the study for yourselves. We are in deep trouble as a society if we cannot agree on reality.


    First, the study is careful to acknowledge that participants who wore masks were doing so in Copenhagen at a time when nearly no one else was wearing them. Second, there is this very important statement by the researchers at ACP: “The findings, however, should not be used to conclude that a recommendation for everyone to wear masks in the community would not be effective in reducing SARS-CoV-2 infections…”

    It matters a lot that we get the facts right, that we are not getting our information from people who are being deliberately misleading for political gains, that we LEARN from science, and not misrepresent it to make our political points.

    Once again, I am amazed that the editor would continue publishing a letter loaded with misinformation.


    “I am once again astonished by the litter of falsehoods in a letter to the editor of this publication. How does such crap get published? Is there anyone looking at this stuff? … I am amazed that the editor would continue publishing a letter loaded with misinformation.”

    Oh, we look at them, believe me. And we roll our eyes at a lot of them. Someone even has to copyedit/proofread them so that they (well, some of them) don’t read like incomprehensible gobbledegook. It’s no picnic.

    But for as long as I’ve been involved with Ulster Publishing (more than a quarter of a century), it has been the company’s consistent editorial policy not to censor Letters to the Editor, unless they’re blatantly libelous or threatening. (We do occasionally reject or delay publication of letters that don’t conform to our guidelines for length – otherwise certain regular correspondents would take up half the column inches per issue.) People of all political persuasions in our communities are entitled to a voice here – yes, even when the claims they’re making are false. The Feedback page is meant to stimulate debate. We rely on our mostly well-informed readership to challenge and refute letter-writers who make false statements. Thank you for speaking up.

    1. Bill H

      Well, I have to say that yours is a very weak, laissez faire editorial policy in the face of rampid intellectual dishonesty. No, all kinds of dishonestly. You take no stance against lies that do, in very real ways, effect people’s lives? You are just… neutral?

      There is no journalistic neutral. These days you either let your publication be a vehicle for misinformation and lies (from all sides of the political spectrum), or you do your best to stand for integrity and truth.

      If I write a letter to the editor, you will publish it regardless of what lies it contains? I mean as long as I am not libelous or threatening, and I write concisely? I suggest that is an editorial policy that is way behind the times and exposes you to being used more as a tool than a news publication.

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