New York creates free college raffle for vaxxed young people

New York teens who have been vaccinated for Covid-19 can enter to win free tuition, room and board at a SUNY or CUNY college online beginning today.

Every Wednesday for the next five weeks, 10 winners will be randomly selected. Residents aged 12-17 are eligible, including those who received the vaccine prior to the announcement of the raffle. The program is meant to encourage young people to get vaccinated.

“Vaccination rates across the state are beginning to slow and our greatest need is with young New Yorkers who make up a large percent of positive cases and have the lowest vaccination percentage in the state,” said Governor Andrew Cuomo in a release. “And the earlier you get vaccinated, the more chances you have to win—it’s free, there’s no appointments and you also have a chance to win a full scholarship, so if you haven’t already done so, go get vaccinated.”


The New York State Department of Health and New York State Higher Education Services Corporation will verify the vaccination status of winners.


Where to get vaccinated in Ulster County

The county maintains a regularly updated list. Several new locations have been added in recent weeks. There’s also a state-run site at the Ulster County Fairgrounds. Walk-ins are welcome at all.

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    1. Captain Trips

      Yes, I agree with you Jimmy, their duty too their fellow man seems very amiss, along with their intelligence. Everyone should have lined up, and gotten their shot’s. Jimmy is right, these people should not have too be bribed too do what is the right thing.

      1. Thinkbeforeacting

        Only the gullible believe this is the right thing. And your attempt at deriding those who don’t trust the vaccine, or those who promote it, is embarrassing.

          1. Captain Trips

            Oh yeah, and what attempt at deriding anyone? I was merely agreeing with the poster above my reply, who also believes that you should not have too be ”bribed”, or incentive enticed, too do the right thing, and get vaccinated. Just my opinion of agreement, how do you read that as; ”deriding”? Posting what I believe. Just wondering? Why so defensive?

          2. Jaymes Nohns

            Except, I do not agree with getting this rushed, non tested vaccine. there is a reason why the powers that be want this in you so bad….that reason remains to be seen, I have volunteered for the “Control group” that will not be getting the vaccine – enjoy!

    2. Brett

      Do you have a credit card? Does it reward you with points? Have you ever opened a bank account where you got something in return for opening it? Have you ever used a buy one get one free coupon? Have you ever purchased an item that was on sale?

      Bribery and incentivization are not the same thing, and equating them either betrays a lack of understanding of what those basic words mean, or show that you are not arguing in good faith. It’s pretty straightforward.

  1. Thinkbeforeacting

    Bill Gates said “Just wait till pandemic two; that’ll get their attention!” He would know: He’s got at least $20million invested in Moderna through one of his philanthropic orgs. Fauci and the CDC (yes, a government agency) own patents to many vaccines – is that not a conflict of interest?

    PCR cycles kept high for new “cases” but reduced for breakthrough cases; vaccinating those who’ve already had covid; pushing new emergency use gene therapy for a flu that’s 99% survivable; unknown long-term side effects; vaccine passports… None of this sounds normal to a rational person.

    The most disturbing aspect of this catastrophe -really a crime against humanity- is the censorship of opposing medical voices. After a year we’re finally talking about the lab leak from bat virus warehouse. It was “disinformation” but now it’s plausible?? What other information is being hidden from us? Guess we’ll have to take the jab to know what’s in it!

    Event 201, held in October 2019, was a pandemic simulation held in NYC. Look it up and see which NGO’s participated and bankrolled it. It discussed strategies for media coverage and how to encourage people to take an unauthorized vaccine for cure. The Next event this summer is Cyber Polygon, a cyber attack simulation. We’ve already had a pipeline attacked and now the biggest meat processor has been hacked. Do you see a pattern here? Thank goodness Bill Gates and other elites are invested in alternative energy and fake meat!

    You can’t scare people into taking this vaccine. You can persuade them, not with tickets or lotteries, but with unfiltered, scientific debates. I for one want to hear the pros and cons so I can decide for myself. I don’t need big tech curating my information, thank you.

  2. Jaymes Nohns

    Except, I do not agree with getting this rushed, non tested vaccine. there is a reason why the powers that be want this in you so bad….that reason remains to be seen, I have volunteered for the “Control group” that will not be getting the vaccine – enjoy!

    1. Captain Trips

      Yeah, to stop a viral pandemic, that made millions around the world sick, and killed over a million people. Which shut down the world’s economies. Making the world a healthier, safer place. And, too reopen the world. That seems like a good reason too me. Oh, and I did not miss a post there sunshine, I was just funnin’ with ya’, and how your post could be interpreted the other way. Yuk.

    2. Captain Trips

      It was tested. It followed all regular testing for a vaccine, what was “fast-tracked” was the more administrative type vetting, as too get this in arm’s, too stop a world-wide pandemic. The “Control Group” that you speak of, your brave, smart, well informed fellow men and women, have going on two hundred million Americans, and hundreds of milkions world-wide. So, what are you afraid there Chicken Little, looks like your so called control group passed with flying colors.

  3. Captain Trips

    So, …

    * Not a Flu;

    * Covid 19 is a Corona virus, and at onset
    had a 78% mortality rate = it is not, and
    never was a 99% survivable “flu”;

    * As stated above, Melinda, and Bill Gates,
    nor their Foundation’s have notable in-
    -vestments in Moderna, nor
    any other pharmaceutical company;

    * Dr. Anthony Fauci, nor the Gate’s hold any
    patents for any of the Covid-19 vaccines;

    * The US government, WHO, and just about
    every industrialized nation is now looking
    into whether China is withholding, or falsi
    fying information; whether several Chinise
    scientest and lab workers did get sick, and
    were hospitalized earlier, than the initial
    pandemic; through research and analysis,
    we, the United States has stated that the
    covid initial outbreak did not come from nei
    ther the marketplace, nor the bat caves; the
    US has stated that China is not being forth
    coming about the initial outbreak;

    * No one is anywhere at all, at anytime is cen
    soring opposing medical veiws. No one.

    … So, why do you post such bullcrap? Why do you feel the need to make up sh*t? Nothing you posted above has any validity, nothing.

  4. Captain Trips

    Do you; eat processed meat (A hot dog, sausage, cold cuts, pepperoni, etc.), processed cheeses, any caned goods or frozen meals? Do you have cones and shakes from soft ice cream stand’s, or drink any form of soft drink, or activity drinks like Gatorade? Do you ever take an aspirin, Tylenol, Aleve, Advil, vitamin, supplement, cold medicine, or any other medication? Do you eat fast food’s? Do eat microwave edibles and meals? Do you just go ahead and breath any air, that you happen too be? Do you drink the water from anywhere?

    Are You, Absolutely, sure that You KNOW what is EXACTLY EVERYTHING in any of the things above? Can you? No you can not, yet this very important thing that you can do to help your fellow man, well then, you have every lie and excuse in the book. You are the one “deriding”, or trying to de-ride the end of this horrible pandemic. Trying too create confusion and fear using lies and hyperboly. You sir are a disgrace.

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