Letter: Whom does Delgado work for?

Last summer, representative Antonio Delgado was asked in an open letter to support HR 2407, the No Way to Treat a Child Act, which made our $3.8 billion in foreign aid to Israel contingent on their ending their flagrant military detention and abuse of children. Delgado’s response to the over 2,000 signatories was no response; he refused to meet with a coalition of local groups like Jewish Voice for Peace, Women in Black, MECR and Veterans for Peace. The groups were forced to send him a video appeal, which he too ignored.

This year, representative Betty McCollum has introduced a similar bill, HR 2590, the Palestinian Children and Families Act, to ensure no US tax dollars fund the Israeli military’s imprisonment of Palestinian children, demolition of family homes and further theft of Palestinian land. “US assistance intended for Israel’s security,” she argues, “must never be used to violate the human rights of Palestinian children.” Delgado’s response? He has added his signature to a letter opposing her bill and supporting unrestricted aid to Israel.

Your representative’s job is to represent you. So, if you live in Congressional District 19 and disagree with Delgado’s giving Israel a free ride, tell him so by calling his offices: Kingston, (845) 443-2930; DC, (202) 225-5614. Then sign the open letter here: http://chng.it/vtSpBJnz6h.


Lisa Mullenneaux
West Hurley

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