New toll hikes on Hudson River bridges go into effect May 1

(Photo by Will Dendis)

Crossing the Hudson will cost an extra 10 cents for most drivers starting May 1, due to regular annual increases by the New York State Bridge Authority. The new rates will be in effect from May 1, 2021 to April 30, 2022 at the Bear Mountain, Newburgh-Beacon, Mid-Hudson, Kingston-Rhinecliff, and Rip Van Winkle bridges.

Rates beginning May 1:

Vehicle Description E-ZPass Cash
Class 1  (Cars, Pick-ups & Motorcycles)
2 axles, Less than 7’6″ height
$1.45 $1.75
Commuter Plan
(Passenger vehicles only, minimum of 17 trips each month)
$1.20 N/A
Class 2
2 axles, more than 7’6″ height
$5.30 $6.00
Commercial Vehicles
2 axles $5.30 $6.00
3 axles $7.95 $9.00
4 axles $10.60 $12.00
5 axles $13.25 $15.00
6 axles $15.90 $18.00
Extra axle (w/class 1) $1.10 $1.25
Extra axle (w/classes 2-6) $2.65 $3.00



The 10-cent increase refers to E-ZPass drivers, which today make up most customers. The cash price will actually remain unchanged this year.


The increases are part of a four-year plan to increase the cash price for cars and most trucks from $1.50 in 2019 to $2.15 in 2023, and E-ZPass from $1.25 to $1.65 over that same time. Here’s a full chart showing the schedule of increases for different vehicle types.

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