Woodstock Way owners invite the public to walkthrough of Lasher Funeral Home property

Potential developers of the Lasher Funeral Home property in Woodstock have invited neighbors and the general public to walk the property and see what it planned, hoping the visuals will allay fears of large commercial development.

Jesse Halliburton and Ryan Giuliani, owners of the Woodstock Way Hotel, said at the March 23 Woodstock Town Board meeting they plan to develop five homes on the property located at 100 Tinker Street.

“We are not planning to cover a lot of that land. There is still going to be an open meadow between what we are doing,” Halliburton said. “I think we took the time to honor the land and not overdevelop it.”


Giuliani noted that current zoning permits 84 homes on the land and they decided against it. “Our investors wanted to do that. We asked them to leave the deal,” Giuliani said.

The public is invited to attend the walkthrough at 100 Tinker Street on March 26 at 10 a.m.

“We invite people to come out Friday and see what we plan to do,” Halliburton said.

In the meantime, the Lasher Funeral Home has merged with the E.B. Gormley Funeral Home and the Seamon-Wilsey Funeral Home who have taken over records management of the Lasher Funeral Home and will handle all pre-arranged services.

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  1. Margaret Smith

    Deeply, deeply disturbing news, and many unanswered questions: Is this a finalized deal, or just “potential”? Did it pass the Town Board? And most important – is the Library involved? The people who had pressured Ken, the late owner who passed away last year – so relentlessly to sell them his property so they could expand? Does the word “developer” in the center of town make anyone else’s stomach heave and blood run cold? This ‘showing to the public’ seems purely cosmetic. We know what developers and their investors are: predatory, greedy and soulless. They can have Tinker Street looking like Lower Broadway in Kingston in no time, pocket the profits and disappear. Does anyone seriously believe that if they are permitted to build 84 homes – they will settle for 5, out of decency and concern for the Town? Remember what people like this planned to do to Cooper Lake, and more recently, the Ashokan Reservoir?

    1. Elisa

      Why don’t you just talk to them and ask instead of speculate? Seems like they want to respect the space. If they don’t buy it, what If some other greedy buyer does and builds the 84 homes. I feel safer going with the people whose work I’ve seen. Their current space is beautiful and honors the land and the Woodstock way of life.

    1. Margaret Smith

      Many of us strongly suspect they are, with the ‘Woodstock Way’ developers as a cover. Anyone else wondering why on earth a separate entity is giving tours on private property for land they “may potentially” develop where an existing business already stands? This does not pass the smell test, folks.

  2. Roadshow Magic.

    I would be curious to hear what the home-owners, renters and shop-owners on Tinker Street, and nearby, think of this development?

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