Kingston wants to build tiny homes for the homeless

The community will be based on Second Wind Cottages in Newfield, NY.

The city of Kingston is seeking proposals to build 15 tiny homes that would house up to 30 homeless or low-income residents.

Planning for the program has funded by Enterprise Community Partners, a national non-profit whose mission is to address affordable housing. In late 2019, Enterprise selected the City of Kingston and nine other New York State municipalities for participation in a program meant to address displacement of residents, which included the creation of a volunteer team and analysis of existing conditions and creation of strategies to prevent residents from being forced to leave their communities. The idea of a tiny house community came out of these sessions.


The city has now issued a request for proposals, “seeking a qualified consultant or organization that specializes in providing shelter and support services for the homeless.”

The selected consultant will oversee the development and management of the project with the long-term goal of creating a permanent tiny homes community under the umbrella of an existing non-profit organization or as a new independent non-profit. The concept is modeled after the Second Wind community in Newfield, NY.

The design and location of the site will be up to the consultant to determine. Other aspects of the project have already been established. For example, the community would offer on-site case management services, security, and site maintenance/sanitation. Toilet and shower facilities would be in a shared common building. According to a release, rental rates, if charged, will be in line with affordability based on the Department of Social Services housing allowance.

“This is an exciting opportunity for the city of Kingston to try an out-of-the box concept to help our most vulnerable population,” said Mayor Steve Noble. “We are grateful for the funding from Enterprise to help us identify and work towards a unique solution for our community. We are excited to see the applicants we receive to help us realize this ambitious goal.”

The RFP can be found on the New York State Contract Reporter at or via email. Questions regarding the RFP should be sent to Ruth Ann Devitt-Frank, city grants manager, or 845-334-3961. Proposals are due at City Hall no later than Thursday, March 25 at 2 p.m.

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  1. Jake jones

    Where are these tiny homes going to be built? Who is going to maintain these homes and the common areas?

  2. John Hitchcock

    I want to support this! Can you link us to the RFP instead of us reaching out to Ruth Ann Devitt-Frank?

  3. John Hitchcock

    Also, where isn’t there a social media share option? It’d be nice to easily alert the community about this news. Am I missing it?

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