Hudson Valley lawmaker calls on Cuomo to resign

State Senator Mike Martucci (R- New Hampton), whose district includes parts of Ulster, Orange and Delaware counties, and all of Sullivan County, today called on Governor Andrew Cuomo to resign in the wake of allegations of sexual harassment.

Martucci said the existence of three claims of sexual harassment and the governor’s statement that his behavior was “playful” prompted the call for resignation. “Had the Governor taken the sexual harassment course mandated by his own administration, he would know that the key issue is not the intent of the harasser but the perspective of the victim,” reads a statement from Martucci. “In this case, all three survivors have been clear that they felt scared, offended, and overwhelmed by the Governor’s unwanted attention. Given all of this, Governor Cuomo must resign immediately and put an end to this – the latest in a long line of embarrassing Albany scandals.”

Democrats have also called on the governor to resign, including six state lawmakers and a congresswoman.


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  1. Mark Smith

    The Republicans asking Cuomo to resign have some nerve after backing a president for 4 years who had about 15 women who accused him of sexual harassment & more.

  2. Firannion

    When will GOP politicians be held to the same standards of behavior? The Democratic Party enforces a zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment, leading to the abrupt loss of effective leaders such as Al Franken, while Republicans allow scummy abusers like “Gym” Jordan, Brett Kavanaugh and the former president himself to go on their merry way. The hypocrisy is sickening.

    Jen Metzger managed to accomplish an incredible amount of positive progress, useful to her constituents, during her all-too-brief two years in the State Senate. Is this the best that Martucci can come up with? Pandering to the rabid anti-Cuomo faction?

  3. Steve

    I am expecting any and all Republicans demanding this resignation will also demand the arrest of Donald Trump for multiple Federal Crimes against the United States. And will also call for Marjorie Taylor Greene to resign immediately — she’s documented as best buddies with one of the Insurrection Leaders who breached the Capitol; and will also demand the resignation of Sen. Hawley, and Sen. Cruz at the very least, since they incited the attack on our seat of government. Correct?

    Outrage?! Anger?! Accountability?! Beuhler?! Anyone?!

    1. Truth

      Madam, maybe you missed it, but in America we just had an election, and the result was that; The Democratic Party won all three governing branches of our beautiful republic, (We are not, and never have been a “democracy”, we are a republic, that chooses democracy too elect our official government. I wish folks would read, and research a bit before they banter words, that they do not understand.). That being said, the Republican party is worshiping false gods.×420/quality/85/?
      Democrats eating themselves?

      Governor Coumo has too go, but not just because of his vehement actions against these victims, but because of the deaths he personally caused, by ordering covid-19 infected patients back into nursing homes’ elderly, and cormorbid populus, causing the death of 15,000 innocent people. And, the subsequent coverup. The civil suits against NYS and Coumo, for wrongful death will cost us an astronomical amount, and he should be charged with, I do not know, 15,000 counts of murder?, of manslaughter?, accessory too?, complicincy too wrongful death?, I am not sure, but he should be indicted for something criminal, pretty soon, I would imagine. He is done. And, hey there are bad people involved all over, and throuout our government, and when we catch them with their tails in the trap, so too speak, regardless of party affiliation, then we should remove and prosecute them. Governor Coumo became a “bad actor” and must now face his horrible crimes against his fellow man.

  4. Truth

    Mitch McConnel is the king of hypocrisy. Just go back and listen too him talk over the years, and you will find there is not one thing, that he has ever stated, that later on, down the line, that he did not reverse what he has stated previously. Maybe the biggest hypocrite, that I have ever heard. Now, add the king of lies, trump, and you have the republican platform = lies, hypocrisy, hyperbole, and innuendo. Not too mention, racism, misogyny, and impudence against their fellow man.

  5. BS

    Trying too not be to intrusive, or personal; In previous responses at former times, you stated, that you are from Florida, but before in other comment sections of local stories in this publication, you had stated that you were from Ulster County, and were affected by Mr POS Karoly’s actions. In fact you were quite outspoken if I recall, counting illegal dumploads from your home vantage point. Are, you overwintering south, or just deceiving? Just asking?

    1. Bill H

      Good question. Nohns recently stated that he has a lot of say over how we live our lives in Saugerties, as well, but also remained vague about that. I think he was trying to either impress or intimidate, but neither worked. Nohns is good at suggesting some form of authority or superior knowledge, but not actually demonstrating it. What he has a great deal of is arrogance.

      This is a person who sees these civic crises as “fun,” which says a lot about his character, doesn’t it?

      1. Jaymes Nohns

        You are assuming like always, you didnt answer my question, were you ever a teacher, for say a high school? Thats a direct question. I will wait…..

        1. Bill H

          You will wait a very long time, creep. There is no legitimate reason for you to know personal information about me.

        2. Bob

          Why does, nor should he, Jimmy, you see, Bill H. does not have too, same as all of us. This comment section may have only a few posters right now. But, do not be fooled there ar many reading them. Jimmy, have you noticed lately the heinous acts, that are being, and here is a word I know you understand, perpetrated because of disagreement of ideas and opinion? So, that is why one should not, use their real names whilst posting opinion on public comment sites. Something you might have thought of before using yours, oh that’s right, I forgot for a minute, your a real life tough guy. And, at the end of the day, what does the career of Bill H. have anything too do with wearing a mask? I get it, you mean too out his real ID and “cancel culture” him, because you can not continue to volley rational debate with Bill. So sad. Be careful Jimmy.

      2. Bob

        Bill, I know who he is, know what he has done for a living, his past, where he actually lives, and his approx. age. He should be ashamed of himself, acting like a middle schooler, and playing with the lives of others. He is not fooling anyone. He has always been a bully, in fact it kinda goes with his career, being a bully. However, I thought he was a smarter and much more mature a man, than the ignorant poster, that we read here.

        1. Bill H

          Thanks, Bob. It’s a shame that the character of so many people spirals downward with Internet anonymity. It seems to foster our worst instincts if we are not careful.

          I really appreciate that you did not reveal his identity here. It must be tempting, but you did not stoop to his level.

        2. Jaymes Nohns

          You know nothing about me….nothing….dont assume anything…..if having an opinion in your eyes is considered ignorant… may be time you go back to school…..maybe Bill H. could come out of retirement and school you…..just a thought……

  6. Truth

    Mr. Nohns, I apologize, I thought you were a lady, I wrongly assumed as much by the ‘y’ in your first name. For that, I stand apologetic and corrected, please forgive my erroneous postulation.

  7. Sam Allen

    Donaldson thinks he is in charge with all of his corruption and false reporting on the NDC report for the Kingstonian, Donald needs to go just like Cuomo.

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