When will Ulster County residents be vaccinated?

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Vaccine appointments are about as scarce as rolls of toilet paper were last year. Still, each week Ulster County has been receiving more than 1000 doses through the state and the federal government recently started sending doses directly to pharmacies. Eventually, anyone who wants a vaccine will have the opportunity to get one. But when?

Last week, Ulster County released projections, assuming the current rate of supply.  That is a conservative assumption, given that it’s widely expected the production will increase significantly by spring.)

Here is the chart:

Here it is in text form:

  • Group Red– Residents over the age of 75 with a qualifying health condition, and 1B essential workers with an underlying condition. Estimated time for vaccination: April.
  • Group Orange– Residents ages 65 to 74 with an underlying health condition, and essential workers without an underlying health condition. Estimated time for vaccination: June.
  • Group Yellow– Adults (all ages) with a qualifying health condition, and 65 + without qualifying health condition. Estimated time for vaccination: October.
  • Group Green– Any other priority group as directed by the New York State Department of Health. Estimated time for vaccination: TBD.

Ulster County residents seeking vaccines of any age or who have underlying health conditions (full list of qualifying conditions) can be vaccinated at one of two county-run vaccination sites. You can sign up for the county’s vaccine notification list here. You’ll receive regular email updates and, when eligible and doses are available, info on how to make an appointment. Residents over the age of 65 who do not have a qualifying condition are directed to seek vaccinations through local pharmacies. More info here.




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  1. Tom Keen

    Why shouldn’t SRO’s be allowed in Kingston schools, it is time for this community get together, instead of fighting about every little issue

  2. andrew cowan

    It’s ridiculous that there are so few vaccines avail for Ulster County- and without any detailed information. The twice weekly “updates” by the local county executive on Facebook provide no new, factual updates but seem to serve more as a self promoting platform.

    How many more Ulster residents will die from Covid by October while waiting for vaccines I wonder? Does it really seem right that a perfectly healthy 32 year old working part time in the IT department at a hospital gets the vaccine before a 65 year old? Does a healthy, furloughed Department of Motor Vehicles employee in their 40’s really need to be at the head of the line while older folks have to quarantine for another 6-8 months? Why is it that Holy Name Hospital in Teaneck NJ (Bergen County) has been and continues to administer 1500 vaccines DAILY in a county of 1 mm while Ulster with a population of 200k gets sporadic batches in the hundreds sometimes weeks apart? Where is the pressure, the demands, the accountability, the answers to what the hold up is here and why no one in our local government is truly escalating this, exposing the issues and bringing the heat on the issue?

  3. Vic Jones

    It’s the poor Administration of County Executive Pat Ryan, he does as Cuomo tells him to do. Ryan is not a leader.

    1. Capt. Trips

      What an ignorant statement. Similar too screaming; ”FIRE!” in a crowded venue, (That is not). As false, as dangerous, and as lecherous of intent a state me it.

      1. Jaymes Nohns

        It is experimental….its is not fully approved….look it up….still want the vaccine? You can have mine…..

  4. andrew cowan

    So…we get 1000 vaccines a week? some weeks. None other weeks. We have a 7 month wait list for most people in the general population? Seven months ????????

    Meanwhile Bergen County New Jersey has two hospitals- Hackensack and Holy Name which between them have administered 300k shots in 6 weeks- Three Hundred Thousand!!!!

    Anyone else wondering what the hell is going on here? Anyone else wondering why Pat Ryan who consistently provides meaningless updates on Facebook weekly isn’t outraged, isn’t chasing down and exposing where the bottlenecks are in the supply chain for us in Ulster and the surrounding counties? I think it’s really odd and begs the questions- why, wit hall of the updates he provides isn’t he really getting to the bottom of this? It’s not as if the trucks that supply the vaccines can’t cross over into Ulster County right? It’s clearly political and or socio-economically driven yet none of our officials, Anthony DelGado included express any outrage nor offer any explanations- people in Ulster are literally dying to know- well at least 250 have died so far waiting and wanting to know.

  5. Brian Devine

    There are zero (0) State Operated Point of Distribution (PODS) sites in the Hudson Valley. There are 5 on Long Island. 7 in NYC. 8 along the northern tier. 4 in western NY . 0 in the Hudson Valley. Ulster residents are being told to go to Watertown or Potsdam. Both are college towns and far away. Ulster County has the Town of Ulster Business Complex (former IBM ) site with easy access , Parking and unused buildings that could easily be converted to a POD site. For some reason our current political leaders do not have the power or influence needed to sway decision making in Albany. Our Governor has dictated to the participating pharmacies they may not administer vaccines to people under the age of 65 with co-morbidities. Connecticut allows their pharmacies as does Mass, NJ, Penn. Why are we different. The County of Ulster , home to the first capital of NYS is a forgotten and the Hudson Valley once again is left out of consideration by the power brokers in the state. I understand there are some who feel this vaccine is not for them and to them I say that’s fine. But to many of us getting the vaccine means getting back to being with our families, our grandchildren our lives. We shouldn’t have to drive 7 hours to get a vaccine. Our legislators who are our elected representatives need to stand strong and speak up for Ulster County and the Hudson Valley.

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